1. turbofiat124

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    Look toward the left of this explosion. The tallest building to the left is the building I work in.


    The explosion happened in the coal gasification division of the plant. Believe it or not, no one was seriously injured. The first explosion happened around 10 am. Within an hour later, I was making a cuppa noodles in the break room when the second explosion happened then a couple of seconds later the third explosion happened.

    We were held up in the control room which is designed to withstand a nuclear bomb for about 5 hours. They were afraid of a further explosion and noxious fumes coming from the explosion.

    I went up on the top of this building to view the damage. It looked like 911!
  2. Tim S

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    Wow! Glad that you escaped any injuries. Scary looking.
  3. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    It did quite a bit of damage to our maintenance shop which was facing the explosion.

    Spare parts knocked off the shelves, light fixtures, tiles and vents knocked out of the ceiling, cracks in the wall. They had to get some structural engineers in to look at the building to make sure it was safe to enter. Despite the fact that everyone who works in our division has already been in the building and looked off the 7th floor to the devastation and carnage.

    They said it was safe to enter but I bet this building will leak like hell once it comes a hard rain. It looked like an earthquake occurred.
  4. kev the builder

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    I'm available for building repairs for the right price,mind it's a hell of a commute
  5. aardvark64

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    No Trabants were harmed in the explosion, so what's all the excitement... o_O

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