1. Matteo

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    Yes, up today I think there are only 3 Italian Trabi mates in this forum.
    riccardo and me have met on last Sunday in Asti.

    P1050246 copia.jpg

    We agreed we would like to meet some Trabi mates in Switzerland in the next Spring and Summer. phi , are you there? :p

    The modern and the old happily together :D

    P1050249 copia.jpg

    I think riccardo will add some better photos :)
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  2. riccardo

    riccardo Newbie

    Thank you Matteo. Here are more picture of the first Trabant meeting in Italy! :) Asti 1.jpg Asti 2.jpg

    Asti 3.jpg

    Asti 5.jpg

    Asti 6.jpg

    Asti 4.jpg
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  3. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    Those are great pictures! I'd like to see more Trabi mates from your part of the world on here. Spread the word to any others you find too!
  4. Hey guys, I'm another italian Trabi owner! I've already met Matteo in Budapest last year and now I'd like to find some other meetings for Trabant in Italy or close to it! Do you know any news about it? Are there any official Trabant meeting in 2016?

    Ps.: Matteo, I've finally recovered the car and know I've got an italian plate with which I can use it also in Italy!

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