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    I just about have my electronic ignition system perfected.

    I was curious if any of you folks have any interest in this system. I need to see if my neighbor's C&C machine is still in operation. Last time I talked to him, the monitor on it crapped out and he was having an issue finding a replacement monitor for it. 10" monochrome green screen so it must be quite old!

    I'm currently using discs made of Lexan covered in aluminum sticky tape which is probably sufficient but if I were going to sell something, I would want it to look professional. So the disc would be made from an aluminum plate and the adjustment arches would be "cleaned up". The idea is to have him scan the Lexan disc into his machine and cut a stack of these discs at once.


    Advantages to my system over the "alternative" electronic ignition system:

    1) Half the price of what's on the market, US priority mail no expensive DHL shipping
    2) More adjustment than the other system
    3) All fasteners included (Allen head bolts, flat washers and lock washers)
    4) Wiring harness, protective loom and other connector included
    5) Instructions in English with photos (and tech support!)
    6) No vulnerable exposed circuits to short out. Each module could be easily replaced if one does die
    7) Tested and somewhat calibrated before I send it out so there is less mucking about. Pretty much bolt it on, set engine to 4 mm BTDC on #1 cylinder, align the mark on the module to the mark on the plastic ring and check with a timing light. Of course the crankshaft phase varies from engine to engine so the timing would need to be verified with a strobe light, especially on cylinder #2.
    8) Would work on 6 and 12 volt systems. The 6 volt version would come with a small step up converter. The 12 volt version would come with a ballast resistor in case the voltage was above 12 volts or the impedance of the coils were 4 ohms or less.
    9) Replaces both the points and failed EBZA systems. No retard mechanism so the engine should idle smoother and burn more efficient.

    I fabricated a tool using a no foul insert and a bolt/nut which is calibrated to the 4 mm BTDC mark I could include. So all you would have to do is screw it into a spark plug hole, turn the engine until it stops and make some reference marks on the engine and crankshaft pulley instead of using a dial indicator. Would a single tool like that that work on all engines?

    Price. I'm aiming for around US$100. Each module costs about $50. The other components used to build the system are peanuts.

    So it would work kind of like a pyramid or Ponzi scheme (no not really). Someone get's the ball rolling, then I'd build additional units from the profits. So I don't have allot of money tied up in this project. Instead building multiple sets then trying to turn around and sell them.

    I'm not trying to get rich on this but I have put allot of effort into this system.

    If there are any interests, post a reply and I can check with my neighbor about cutting these discs.

    If there are any committed people, I could order the modules in one whack. The come from Hong Kong so they take about 1 month to get here.
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    sent you a note in private message
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    Where is the PM button?:D
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    Hey. I had driven this car for about 20 miles with my system and it was running fine then all of a sudden I lost one cylinder. When I added that flat washer under the bolt (for security reasons) it did more harm than good and distorted the plastic ring with the magnet a bit which caused it to rub into the upper module. I had to throw the points breaker plate back on to get me to work!

    I ordered a new module but kept getting involved in other projects. That was back in the spring. I'm going to give it another shot when I can.

    I'm currently looking for some aluminum sheet metal about the same thickness as a CD. So far I haven't been able to find any. That way I don't have to cover the Lexan with aluminium tape. I've got access to lots of SS sheet metal here at work but that stuff is hard to work with as far as drilling and milling.
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    Aha...I have the stock system....but so far it is working and I have a dim understanding of ignition systems...Almost everything I have is diesel. If I understand correctly the existing systems (electronic) are not so adjustable? Maybe I've got it wrong...

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