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    1 April 2017

    On today, the 2nd anniversary of International Liberation Day, the International Working Class reached yet another milestone! Not merely contacting extraterrestrial life, but also establishing diplomatic relations with the peoples of another world! Fortunately, they have a good sense of humor.

    As everyone will recall, one year ago today, all of the previous Ruling Classes composed of various parasitic riffraff, but mostly Finance Capital and other Capitalistic scum voluntarily departed on a one-way pre-programmed trip to colonize Mars, an uninhabitable planet, thinking that the Working Class was on the next fleet, just behind them.

    Well, it turns out that Mars was inhabited after all, and the proud Martian Working Class, at first perplexed that such a load of useless parasites could build a star fleet, thought to examine the flagship carefully and then traced its manufacture to the Working Class of Earth, and set about establishing contact.

    The Martians, understanding that we on Earth thought their planet was uninhabited, took no offense at us dumping the useless portion of our population on them. They quickly sent a delegation to Earth, so as to assist humanity's progress to Socialism, and to accept our formal application to the Galactic Union of Workers' Councils .

    After observing the antics of the previous Ruling Classes of Earth, they came upon an ideal solution and build a zoo to house the various Oligarchs, Royalty, Billionaires and other cast-off Earthly scum. The zoo quickly gained galactic fame, with visitors from across the universe coming to watch in horror as the deposed Ruling classes of Earth kept attempting to subvert the Martian government and enslave the people of Mars. As the Martians quickly booked the exhibit into the next millennia, the best Martian Taxidermists were called in to preserve the Earthly parasitic scum in various natural poses. Many actually volunteered for this, to maintain their beauty forever. The Martians, shaking their heads, completed their tasks upon their first-ever voluntary subjects and now the most vain amongst the humans can keep their youth forever!

    April Fools!
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  2. Tim S

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    HA! That is great! :D
  3. Keri

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    Be sure to check out International Liberation Day 1.0 and 2.0! ;)
  4. Tim S

    Tim S Just Slow, Not Stalin Forum Donor

    Those were both a great read also! Now I only have to get through the Trotsky bio that I got from the library. That's a lot of reading for 3 weeks check out time!
  5. Keri

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    Ack! A Trotskyist!

    A short and very biased bio on Trotsky :
    In the 1903 split of the Russian Social Democrat Party, he was a member of "The Minority", or a Menshevik.
    Mensheviks labored under some assumptions that turned out to be false at best and traitorous at worst.
    He quickly left the Mensheviks, to his credit, but persisted as "non-factional" for an extended period.
    He later joined "The Majority" , or Bolsheviks after it became clear the Bolsheviks could win control of the country in 1917. This is called "Opportunism", one of the traits often hurled at Mensheviks as an insult*.

    Trotsky's big push was for "permanent revolution" where after the workers took control of a country, that the resources of that country would be largely used to spread socialist revolution to all other countries.
    This countered the Bolshevik philosophy that each country must come to socialist revolution in its own way, and at its own time.

    That said, Trotsky was a great public speaker and military leader. The Red army, and thus the revolution would have probably failed without him.

    If he had taken power after Lenin's death rather than Stalin, the young country would have likely failed to survive WW2, or maybe not even the 1920's.

    Trotsky ended up being absolutely correct in one widely scorned prediction... that of the demise of the USSR, made at a time when the USSR seemed invincible. He also predicted a "most terrible revolution" in the USA....

    * one of the traits hurled at the Bolsheviks by the Mensheviks as an insult regarded "expropriations" i.e. armed bank robbery to support the movement.
    In a very poor and backwards country like Russia was, this was actually a much better way to obtain money with no strings attached for a revolutionary party than selling oneself out to the enemy as the Mensheviks tended to do.

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