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  1. Mick E

    Mick E Puttering Along

    Hi All,
    Bought my Trabbi just over a month ago from a guy that brought it back from Zwickal in 1992, put it in he`s garage and that's where it stayed for 23 years. Its only got 28000 km on clock, which is original as it even has service history up to 5000km. Apart from a few surface rust patches here and there its mint condition!

    Its has a years MOT and seems to run sweet as a whistle, just trying to sort out import/taxes, duty etc and then registration hopefully. I`m very green to all this computer stuff and have just been looking at this site for a while trying to work out how to post something so I will apologise for any Dime Bar moments I may have in the future! I have many questions to ask and would be interested to see if anybodys local to me being on the Suffolk/Essex border of the UK. When I`ve worked out how to post some photos your welcome to see my 1986 de luxe.

    Regards Mick.E.
  2. Ron

    Ron Premium Member Forum Donor

    Welcome Mick, well done, looking forward to the pics!

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