1. ivanski

    ivanski Newbie

    Let me introduce a service for you all.
    I own a specialzed shop only for Trabant repairs, tune ups, parts renovation, resto mods and full restorations and have been doing this as a side and a full time job for many years, since the two-stroke Trabis are a big passion of mine.

    I am writing this thread to offer full custom Trabant builds for anyone, who is interested in that.
    I am the one, who does all the work, including everything that there is in a Trabant - from finding the car, parts, materials and of course doing all the work.
    As possible tune ups : sof rooftops, disk brakes, custom rear and front supension, modern electronic variable ignition, noise isolation, engine hop ups for more power and others.
    Complete restorations from A to Z with constant updates as the work progress goes on.
    My shop is in Bulgaria, but of course cars can be shipped anywhere.
    Below you will find my latest project - light blue 1979 restoration, my other yellow 601, other customer cars.
    For more info and prices, please send me a message.

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  2. TrabiFan

    TrabiFan Newbie

    Great work!
  3. Brian Krustchinsky

    Brian Krustchinsky Loyal Comrade

    Im looking for another Trabant, how much shipped to Texas
  4. JAK

    JAK Newbie

    Where in Bulgaria? I am in Asenovgrad and am looking for some parts while I am here.

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