1. Rich

    Rich Puttering Along Forum Donor

    Evening all.

    Hi, my name is Richard and ive just taken the plunge into trabant ownership.
    Ive been into Volkswagens for a few years now but due to my circumstances i had to sell my 1970 T2 last year.
    Been thinking for a while about buying myself another toy/project. So thought id try for a trabant.
    Quite a few turned up last week (apparently from a film that is being released later this year) at an auction house in Bedford but couldnt make it to the auction so lost out. Spoke to one of the employees last night who passed my number on to one of the purchasers of one of the cars. He rang me this morning to tell me its for sale.
    So went to take a look and we came to a deal :).
    Got a recovery firm to go pick it up on monday for me.
    Im a mechanic of 25+ years and where i work there is also a metal fabrication shop full of highly experienced chaps.
    Once its at work I'll put it on the ramp and see what ive baught.

    Thats about it for now.

  2. Ron

    Ron Premium Member Forum Donor

    Well done Rich, it'll be good fun trying to spot it in the film I guess!

    Hope it goes well, sounds like you'll have no bother, great to see another one on the forum, welcome.

    Cheers then, Ron.
  3. Rich

    Rich Puttering Along Forum Donor

    Thanks for the welcome.
    I'll get stuck in on here once it turns up.
    Been lurking on here for a while. A little bit worried about parts availability........
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  4. Austinpowers

    Austinpowers Loyal Comrade

    Hello Rich there seems to be a lot of us Brits joining this forum. I take it this trabi was used for the man from uncle film. As for parts don't worry you can get all the parts you need from Germany,prices are not to bad and the shipping is very quick. I use LDM tuning or Trabantwelt
    Have fun with it. Ian.
  5. Rich

    Rich Puttering Along Forum Donor

    Yeh, thats my worry. Never purchased from abroad. Guess id better figure it out as soon as poss lol.
    Yeh, its a Man From Uncle car (apparently).
  6. Austinpowers

    Austinpowers Loyal Comrade

    If you go on line to order parts it's very easy,and Trabantwelt enen have a app for it.
  7. Ron

    Ron Premium Member Forum Donor

    I can second the above, very easy, and I reckon you could probably build a Trabi from the ground up with spare parts. You can use Paypal when buying from Trabantwelt, no bother at all.

    Have fun! Post more pics when you get it!
  8. tricken

    tricken Loyal Comrade

    welcome, this place is a great welth of info, and cant wait to see you dig in to it
  9. Rich

    Rich Puttering Along Forum Donor


    Il start a build thread in the gallery when I get it.

    Unless its in realy great shape, it wont be put on the road this year. Im waiting for a moving date at the moment so i can move into my own house so buying a classic should be at the bottom of my priority list lol.

    I'll probably know in the next week or so.

  10. tricken

    tricken Loyal Comrade

    cars come and go but your own place is way nicer
  11. czechnology

    czechnology Smoking Along

    Hello Rich, I am from the Czech republic, and have a source of new original parts for about halt the price than trabantwelt od LDM. PM me when you need something, I see what I can do.
  12. Ron

    Ron Premium Member Forum Donor

    Aha! Could you get me a set of 'wavy' bumpers mr. czechnology? Used, chromed/painted, not too fussy? Would need posting to Scotland though!
  13. Rich

    Rich Puttering Along Forum Donor

    I'll probably be in touch.
    Just got to get it registered first.

    Nice offer though.

  14. Willysjam42

    Willysjam42 Puttering Along

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  15. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    Hello Rich! Welcome from Texas!

    Glad to have you on the boards.
  16. Jamie mac

    Jamie mac Trabbi Hill Detector Forum Donor

    Rich are you in Bedford as well or was the car just from Bedford?

    P.S. czechnology i will be interested in parts well.
  17. Rich

    Rich Puttering Along Forum Donor

    Thanks again for the welcomes .
    Both. The car and i are both in Bedford.

  18. Jamie mac

    Jamie mac Trabbi Hill Detector Forum Donor

    Cool just up the road from me then. I am just outside Thrapston.
  19. Rich

    Rich Puttering Along Forum Donor

    Have you got your car yet?
  20. Jamie mac

    Jamie mac Trabbi Hill Detector Forum Donor

    I hope to get it Friday or Saturday .

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