1. Bee

    Bee Newbie

    Good day,

    I just bought 1985 601 Universal. Can anyone recommend some spare parts I should stock up on?

    Any recommendations for how to store it when not in use for several months?



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  2. mbeamish

    mbeamish Loyal Comrade

    You don't say what country you live in . If it's UK you can get parts from germany in less than a week so no need to stockpile . Service stuff like spark plugs can be bought locally
  3. Bee

    Bee Newbie

    It is in Hungary and I think parts will be mostly plentiful. But what parts would you keep on stock?
  4. mbeamish

    mbeamish Loyal Comrade

    Maybe a spare fan belt and plugs , if you're in hungary you should be able to get parts quickly and easily . Just buy parts when you need them ( nice car congratulations )

    If it's an early pre 1984 car you will need to buy the factory hub puller to allow you to work on brakes otherwise a basic tool kit will do most jobs . Grease the front kingpins often as replacing them is a major job
  5. trondd

    trondd Loyal Comrade

    If you're in Hungary you're set compared to folks in the US. :)

    I'd say spark plugs for sure. It's easy to foul them if you forget and leave the fuel enrichment value (the choke) on. Then just the regular stuff like fuses, light bulbs, etc.

    I am in the US so this is what I've got:
    I've read that the brakes don't like to sit so I have extra wheel cylinders and brake shoes but I haven't had any problems yet. I also keep a set of engine gaskets in case I have to pull a head off or something for some reason and want a new gasket.

    As for parking it for a while, I have to store mine through winter since they salt the roads here. All I do is run the carb dry by closing the fuel valve while it's running and I drain the tank. I don't want the ethanol in the fuel to attract water out of the air and rust the tank. Also, I can shake up the fuel in the Spring before putting it back in the tank to make sure the oil is still mixed (I don't think this is necessary, but it's low effort).
  6. Wartburg353W

    Wartburg353W Loyal Comrade

    If it's gonna sit that long, disconnect the battery or even better bring it in a warm house. Hopefully the brakes have already been gone over so they will last the sitting still.
  7. trondd

    trondd Loyal Comrade

    Ah, yes. I also bring my battery inside where it doesn't get too cold.
  8. Bee

    Bee Newbie

    Thank you everyone. So I'll keep some spark plugs and fan belt handy. Clutch, engine or transmission parts?

    What size tools should I have handy for regular maintenance? I should look for an English service book... any recommendations? [Searched the forum... found some manuals... I'll see what tools are listed]
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  9. trondd

    trondd Loyal Comrade

    I don't see a need for other parts. Maybe wear parts like clutch or throw out bushing but you'll know as they wear. I think you have electronic ignition so you won't need points. Maybe trans oil in case it leaks a little. And keep some 2 stroke oil in the trunk for when you need fuel up.

    There's not much else to the car...

    You can grab a translated manual from the forum's tech reference section.

    Also read the tech articles.

    Be aware of the differences between the older (pre-1984, I think) cars and the newer ones (there were also smaller changes through out the car's production) so you don't get confused if something in a manual looks different.
  10. mbeamish

    mbeamish Loyal Comrade

    get yourself a grease gun and grease your car every 3000 miles (roughly) grease is cheap but replacing parts worn by lack of grease is expensive . Tools, (all metric )a basic socket set ,set of combination spanners,pliers ,vice grips, hammer, screw drivers
  11. mbeamish

    mbeamish Loyal Comrade

    'Car boot sales' or what ever they are called in Hungary are a great source of cheap used tools like spanners and screw drivers . Get there as they open for real bargains
  12. RogerDerSchrauber

    RogerDerSchrauber Premium Member Forum Donor

    Spark plugs, fan belt, basic tools, spare lamp bulbs, and fuses.

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