1. Penfold

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    Hi all,

    My trabi passed its recent MoT (UK vehicle inspection), but got an advisory on wear in the king pin on one side. I’ve sourced a refurb kit from Germany and want to order it before Brexit arrives with the ensuing chaos if it ever does!

    I’ve not touched a king pin before so was wondering if anyone has any advice and whether I should get any specific tools for the job.

    Whilst I’m working in this area are there any other tasks that I should look at? Again, I’m thinking of ordering those parts before it becomes painful!

    Thanks all in advance,
  2. A Spooky Ghost

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    Hi, these cars use press in hard plastic-ish bushings. So after they are taken out,and new ones pressed in, you will need to ream them to size. I used a adjustable reamer, and made the hole to where the pins fit snug, but just can turn with NO side play.

    Have a look at the factory english service manual- Page 53. Talks about a reamer size-20mm.

    Since your in there, it would be a good time to check the axle boots, and grease the leaves of the spring pack(use something to gently lift each leaf up-and squirt some grease in there). Also maybe grease the rack(grease gun fitting in middle). Same goes for greasing everything else.
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    As well as an adjustable reamer order a good selection of shims ( very cheap) you want to set it up so there is just a fraction of up and down play just enough so kingpin doesn't bind when steering is turned . The upper joint is easy the lower kingpin is held in with a locking pin which can be very hard to remove so order a new locking pin as well
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    Clean everything around the cone-notch pin and look at it carefully. The side where the 3 notches are visible is the thicker side of the pin. That means you have to hammer it out from the other side where the pin is normally a bit deeper in the axle body. Use a nearly 8mm wide punch-pin and a heavy hammer (>2000g) to expel it.
  5. Penfold

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    Thank you all.

    For anyone finding this in future and are now looking for the manual it was originally posted by turbofiat (I think) here- https://www.dropbox.com/s/qzr18f610ysk5o9/Full Manual-edit_ver.pdf?dl=0

    With regards to the locking pin, I assume it is the cone (tapered) notch pin phi is referring too or is it a cotter pin? I’m struggling to find a replacement pin on any of the usual websites.

    Another question, with regards to the shims, just some sheet/plate or specific shims (used to thinking in terms of motorcycle valve adjustment!)?

    Thanks again
  6. phi

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