1. mbeamish

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    i am clueless when it comes to computers,my laptop died and shop said a new hard drive would be £120 which i reckoned was more than machine was worth . BUT i saw ebay HDDs were only £30 so decided to have a go myself . I had zero software so bought a window 7 DVD off ebay also. I managed to install win 7 and download drivers and it all seems to work . However at no stage did i have to enter 'key' that came with windows 7 DVD so i'm wondering if the DVD is genuine?. The microsoft updates work but i'm suspicious i never had to use key
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    Win7 AFAIK is no longer supported by Microsoft. God only knows what you bought, probably some pirated copy, but, as long as it works, don't worry, although I'd be curious as to what sort of malware came along with it. Everything is now Windows 10.
  3. mbeamish

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  4. turbofiat124

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    I don't like the new versions of Windows since version 7. Instead of building on previous Windows, like Microsoft used to do, they make it into a totally different system which requires time to learn. Something I don't have allot of it.

    My laptop is a Google Chromebook. I love it. It boots up fast, doesn't crash, very easy to use. It lacks a lot of bells and whistles (like a Trabant!). The PC in my den still runs Windows XP and the one in my garage runs Vista.

    It could be a copy of one of those corporate versions where you don't have to register it. I have a version I downloaded from one of those clandestine file sharing systems ages ago. Installed it on an old PC I put together with junk parts and tested it. Never seem to have an issue with it.

    Your's could be a hacked version. Did it come from Russia?
  5. Keri

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    After many years of dealing with the worst and most expensive Operating System in the world, Windows, I switched to Mac in 2008, and wonder how people still use Windows.

    I know a little about Windows versions.

    The Windows that came with your laptop is a special "system locked pre-activation" (SLP) version where Windows checks to make sure that it is being run on a specific model or range of models at startup. This is the most reliable version.
    If you happened to buy the disc specific to your laptop, you'll be fine. The install disk will not install on a different type of machine.

    Other versions of Windows:

    Retail: for the outrageous fee of hundreds of dollars, you get the privilege of installing ONE copy of the world's worst OS on only ONE computer at a time. This can be legally transferred to a new machine, once it is removed from the old one.. MS makes sure you comply with a complicated "activation"scheme.

    System builder OEM: For a slightly less outrageous fee, you have the privilege of installing ONE copy of the world's worst OS on ONE computer. Ever. Is checked for compliance with activation. Legally non-transferrable, though major hardware upgrades are allowed.

    Volume License: For an outrageous fee, you can infect many computers with the world's worst OS. If more copies than the license allows are detected by MS, the serial number is shut down.

    Foreign versions: MS's criminally insane pricing, licensing restrictions and activation schemes are illegal in many sane countries. So, special versions for countries with consumer protection laws are made. If use in a country run by corporate interests, (like USA) is detected, ... you guessed it, the serial number is shut down.

    Hacked versions: Often based on a foreign version, or a reverse-engineered System Locked Pre-activation version, these can have even more "back doors" and security holes than the legit versions.

    Compare this with Apple: With Apple, the current stable, secure and easy-to-use OS is free for download on any Apple product capable of running it. There is no serial number or complicated activation scheme, just a check that it is being installed on a compatible Apple computer. The best Corporate OS by far!

    Compare with Linux: Linux is very similar to Apple's stable and secure OS, but completely FREE, and can be run on any compatible hardware. Plus, you can modify it as you see fit. Linus Torvalds is the instigator of Linux, which is probably the greatest OS yet. It will probably eclipse even Apple. Obviously a communist plot!
  6. mbeamish

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    Well it's an Acer laptop but the disc i bought was supposedly dell . It is working well BUT i still haven't used the 'activation key' so i think it must have been a pirate disc i bought .I wouldn't have a clue how to switch to Linux i blundered my way through down loading drivers etc quite surprised it worked
  7. turbofiat124

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    I have a copy of Ubuntu which is based on Linux. It's free. But it's an older version.

    It works pretty good but for some reason I could only get it to work on one PC. Something about the chipset on the motherboard. What I like about it is, you don't need any driver's like with Windows. Or it's just more "user friendly".

    I'd have a bunch of PCs I've been hoarding, people have given to me. I'd love to be able to put Google Chrome operating system on every one of them. But so far I think you have to have Windows installed first before it will work so it just runs in a window as any other program which sort of defeats the purpose.

    All of these PCs have hard drive issues. Every one of them were used in my garage. Apparently a garage is not a good environment for a computer due to temperature swings, dust, cob webs, humidity, etc. They would work as long as they kept running. Meaning, if there was a power failure and I didn't restart the computer within a day, the hard drive would die. I'm not sure why.

    One of the best operating systems was Windows 2000 professional. It's fast because there is not a bunch of crap running in the background to slow it down. Trouble is Microsoft no longer supports it so you can't use Internet Explorer 6 because it's out dated so allot of websites won't let you access their sites. But you can use "aftermarket" web browsers like Opera and Google Chrome.

    I'm waiting for the day Microsoft sends out a "Black Sunday code" on older Windows versions like Samsung recently did on their Galaxy 7 phones. That way they become inoperable and you will be forced to upgrade to one of their more modern so called "better" versions.

    Or perhaps if you try to install XP on something, it won't let you complete the installation because it has to connect to Microsoft first.

    Really, if all you want is to surf the web, listen to music, watch You Tube videos, Google Chrome operating system is the way to go.


    Screw Microsoft and their crappy products.

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