1. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    Does anyone, in the U.K. have SEVERAL OF THESE WHOLE UNITS,...or even SOME of the individual items, that they want to sell?
    If so, drop me a line!
    Any condition,....considered!!

    Many thanks.

    Ian (Somerset, U.K.). 261b95e377c275bd7201426fd367989e.t00000586_riss.jpg
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  2. Austinpowers

    Austinpowers Loyal Comrade

    I take it you are thinking of making a RS 800 style air filter. You will find that you have to increase the fuel mixture quite a bit. Or it will just bog down and won’t go. I had to put the needle on it’s richest setting in the Mikuni carb. I’m now running a pod filter on mine. The car pulls a lot harder and will rev a lot higher to.
  3. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade


    Hi, Yes, correct...but, I built my original one 2yrs ago and fitted it to my 600RS!!...I have a couple of people that have asking me to build 2 x 800RS air box assemblies, with dual filters for them. Knowing how to do this, means that it should be alot easier this time and I shall fit 2 x new rivet/canvas mount kits, to get them perfect.
    Photo of my original, accurate "clone" installed, in the 600RS (attached).
    My car has 1st u.k. reg. and all docs now, as of a fortnight ago and it's 1st mot.....so, will try and get over to you, by prior arrangement.
    Are you in during any weekday daytimes, in the next few weeks at all, potentially?
    Would like to discuss the carb adjustments,...as despite having the above air box, mine seems to rev and run well enough,....but the Mikuni adjustments are totally alien to me and I have left them alone, except for the tick-over one! I have a 15% lighter (4.95kg) flywheel which might help?....However, it would be good to set the carb up perfectly if poss and get the car's engine run-in well, in the next few weeks/months!!
    (Remembering that my engine is 700cc,...likes yours, ...in the equation).

    Drop me your name and address + postcode in Wilts once again,.. in case I have lost it , "in amongst things"...and hopefully I can get over and get you a coffee and baguette, or similar, in return?!!!!

    Regards, Ian.
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