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    Hello, everyone. I've mentioned this in other threads, but might as well put out a feeler here.

    I'm in the market for a Trabant 601 in California. So, that would limit me to anything before 1976 (I believe 76's become legal later this year.) Any mark will do... I prefer the Universal, but honestly, as long as it's a safe car in good working order, I wouldn't be terribly picky. Could even get it repainted if you've got one that is working but rough on the exterior. I'm new to Trabis, but I think I could learn the ropes fairly easily, and have already done a lot of research. That said, I'm probably not prepared for something that needs a complete rebuild and restoration.

    My budget is capped at around 3500-$4,000... I know that isn't ideal for everyone, but I also known I've seen working Trabis in good order go for less (and, of course, much more.) I'm not opposed to buying from overseas, but that's about the extent of my budget at the moment. (It's complicated, but... someone owed me some money, a relative is trying to be generous, and I actually sort of need an interesting set of wheels anyway for the long commutes I have to contend with.)

    Anyway, do keep me in mind, and feel free to message me.

    (Again, just to reiterate: anything past 1976 is going to be completely illegal in California unless I somehow change the build date, so, while I know there are 1980s era Trabis going at around my budget point, I would have no way of registering them or owning them legally. )

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