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    It's amazing the people you run into when you own a Trabant.

    So I'm leaving for work today and stopped at the mailbox to check for mail when this guy in a Hyundai slows down grinning and rubber necking at my car. He pulls into my neighbor's driveway across the street and runs over. He tells me he had seen my car around town but thought he was hallucinating. He called his wife to tell her that it was in fact a Trabant he saw.

    He said his name was Otto and he grew up in Czechoslovakia and his parents owned a light blue Trabant and he was amazed to see one here in East Tennessee.

    He snapped a photo to send back to his parents in the Czech republic. I thought that was cool.

    Then I stopped by the gas station to get some smokes when another guy said, "Is that a Hillman?" Then another guy said "Your's is the 3rd one of those I've ever seen".

    And I have no idea why this story seems the same but someone always tells me, "My gym teacher had one of these back in the 1960s". Why gym teachers from the 1960s drove Hillmans, Simcas and Fiat 1100s I have no idea. Maybe they didn't get paid as much as other teachers. Those mentioned cars seem to be the most mistaken makes when it comes to Trabants.

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    You shoulda just put on a knowing look and said, "you are hallucinating, man."

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