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    Looks in good condition cosmetically but there are some indications its not original but more of a tribute car - example, this type of steering wheel was not available until mid-1980s, car is listed as 1974...personally I would use the same kond of money on a late year completely original car...although this may bring more attention at local car shows or Trabi events
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  3. Mithras

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    The problem, in my case is that unfortunately I'm in California, and so post 1975 is verboten out here. Very much appreciate you having a look!
  4. BillB

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    Mithras, You may have seen this one listed already. The ad is pretty minimalistic and no real contact other than PM.
    Claims to be a 1964 Universal (non-existent, the Uni was first made in later 1965) , but it's a Trabi in Nor Cal and they claim to have owned it for a long time.
    Good luck and let us know if you were able to contact them.

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  5. Wartburg353W

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    The description says it is a replica. Also that it still needs timed to run properly. The point I really want to make though is that you should be looking for one that someone you trust can look at for you and advise you . . . maybe even help with shipping arrangements. It being within the availability of someone like that to check it out is worth more than whether or not it is real or a replica. In this case he says he got it through inspection a year ago but then never drove it enough even to get it timed properly, I'd hope for one that was road ready.
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    @Mithras How many years to grandfather inning CA? Or is it a set year? 1975 and before?

    Here in Washington it must be 25 years or older, so the 1,1s became legal here five years ago.

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