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    Hello everyone,

    This is Trabitha, a 1980 Kombi originally from the Czech Republic.

    She came to me free of charge, well actually a decent bottle of gin, from my next door neighbour and was a genuine 'barn find'. In that she was languishing in their barn and very unloved.


    Someone had decided that flared arches were the way to go, it's only a matter of time before they come off!

    Anyway, I towed her around to mine and got her up on axle stands, underneath she's very solid and the engine is sweet (more of that later) but she had absolutely no brakes at all. A few Euros later from Trabantwelt and she now stops. Okay, so the handbrake won't hold, but that's a job for another day. Front drums off and this might explain part of the braking issue...


    I replaced the ignition coils, HT leads and caps and gave her new spark plugs. Also replaced the fuel lines and fitted an inline filter.

    I wasn't overly impressed with the 'bad boy' image that the Czech owner was trying to portray...


    So I rummaged in the boot and found her a pair of headlight surrounds and a front panel. Yes, I know they're black, but a rattle can of satin matt black was the only colour I had on a Sunday afternoon. I still think it's an improvement.


    In doing the fuel lines, I came accross this in the front left (as you look at her) corner. What is it? Has wiring going to it, and a fuel in, fuel out but seems to do absolutely nothing. She runs okay without it in the fuel line.


    So, once I'd fitted all this, I had to see if she'd fire up. I had had the fuel tank out and it's very solid and very clean, so a gallon (five litres) of 40:1 mix went in. She turned over beautifully but would she fire? Not a chance!

    So, I messed about a bit for a while and then did what any self respecting Kiwi living in England would do, I made a cup of tea. And then I had my epiphany. Which was obvious really. Blindingly obvious. I swapped the HT leads over. VROOOOOM Ker ting ker ting ker ting ting ting ting. Blue smoke everywhere and a happily idling Trabitha.

    Which was rather pleasing after 10 years of sitting doing not much. The paperwork for her UK plates is away at DVLA, so hopefully she'll be ringggg ting ting tinging her way around the Devon lanes before too long.

    Oh, and she's a definite keeper, she's too cute!
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    The thing in the front corner is the sending unit for the fuel flow meter, or economizer (or some long German word I can't remember). You should have a gauge in the dash with a semi circle of lights that will indicate the rate of fuel flow when it's hooked up.

    Good job putting one back on the road.
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