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    I attended a car show yesterday. It was mainly British cars, hosted by the East Tennessee British car club but was open to anything European. Not a massive amount of cars, maybe around 50 cars.

    It was a coincidence that I parked next to a Reliant Robin (aka Plastic Pig) since the cars were grouped by decades. Both being made of plastic. There was a Bradley Kit car on a VW chassis that if parked next to us would have made the group complete, but his was made in the 1970s.


    Out of all the British cars, my favorite was the Robin. The guy was about my age said he was from England and has lived in the US since he was 10 and remembered the car as a kid and wanted to restore something even more unusual after restoring a Hillman Imp and an MGB.

    He paid £750 for it and had it shipped over and restored it. He said the previous owner owned a breaker yard and was going to use it in a banger race so he saved it from being destroyed.

    He took it completely apart and had the frame acid dipped and galvanized. He really put his time into the car. Talking about what parts he scrounged from collectors and what parts he had to use from other British cars. He thinks there are about 12 of these in the US.

    The kicker was trying to get it registered in the US despite being a 1980 model (30+ years old). Of course there was no title to it but a "log book". The problem was the log book said it was a "tri-cycle" which threw the DMV for a loop. So he wasn't sure if they were going to try to register the vehicle as a motorcycle, a trike or car. But eventually the title came back as a car.





    More photos from the show:

    http://s222.photobucket.com/user/turbofiat/library/Morristown Car show?sort=2&page=1
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    Glad you described it as a Reliant Robin, and not a Robin Reliant which 95% of British people do for some crazy reason unknown to me. After all, you wouldn't call it a Mustang Ford or a Camaro Chevrolet would you? There is a 4 wheel version of the Robin called a Kitten, but I never hear it described as a Kitten Reliant!
  3. mbeamish

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    Also 99% of the british public think Del and Rodney drive a reliant robin in 'Only Fools and Horses' ( they drive a reliant regal)
  4. turbofiat124

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    The Reliant Kitten looks more "normal" if you ask me.


    When I was in the UK in the late 90s, most of the people I saw driving these cars were elderly folks always driving in the slow lane at 50 mph while everybody else was doing 70 or whatever. Then again if it's 850cc engine is anything like my Trabant, that might have been the top speed of these cars!

    When I approached the owner of his car, I said to him, "So tell me about your plastic pig?". He just grinned. We discussed why it was nicknamed that. He thought it was because of the way the engine was buried into car and it was a pig to work on. The center console comes out just like my Chevy Van so you can service the rear of the engine. Cab forward design vehicles are always a pig to work on.

    I thought it was the fact the front end looked like the nose of a pig. Maybe the Robin was the inspiration for Peppa Pig! :p

  5. tricken

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    very nice love when we get to park with the odd ball cars look like a fun small show

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