1. turbofiat124

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    I was at the Habitat for Humanity store yesterday and found a Moskvitch 408 1/43 scale model sitting in the display cabinet while waiting in line to check out. Just had to have it to put in my curios cabinet along with my other scale model cars and other trinkets.

    It's well built for a 1/43 scale model. At first I thought it was a Lada Vaz but once I picked it up I noticed the distinctive curved quarter window and realized it was a Moskvitch.

    Moskvitch 408 (1).jpg Moskvitch 408.jpg Moskvitch 408 (2).jpg
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  2. Thinsid

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    Nice to have a Russian Made Model.
    I TRY to keep the collection to East German theme, so the Only model Moskvich's I have are Volkspolizei vehicles - A Moskvich 408 (Cars & Company Reference CCC051) AND a 412 (Reference CCC094). Both made for the German Market, the 412 being a Limited Edition of 999 units

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