1. Mick E

    Mick E Puttering Along

    Photos as promised, hope you like the car.



    WP_20160312_13_28_01_Pro copy.jpg



    All totally original, 17,500 miles (about 28,000kms).
    Bulkhead repaired, but only surface rust.
    All original, including string around the wiring harnesses.

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  2. Stevebrooks

    Stevebrooks Newbie

    Beautiful Car - I am so jealous! Love the Chrome light surrounds, lovely interior, and blue roof.
  3. Steve H

    Steve H Loyal Comrade

    That's really lovely! Makes mine look like a knackered old shed.
  4. Ron

    Ron Premium Member Forum Donor

    Yep, stunning...

    It's looks like my Rosie... if I put some serious bodywork hours in! Well done. It's the only other one I've seen with the same wee chrome hubcaps? Very high spec too, I'm seeing headrests, opening rear windows, heated rear screen... utter luxury!

    Here's Rosie, although registered as a 1989, she's actually a 1983ish 6 volt car originally. I've a very similar interior to yours also, without headrests mind!

    WP_20150906_10_52_00_Pro - Copy.jpg

    I'm just off to order some chrome bits! Seriously though, keep up the good work, it's really nice to see such an original example.

    Cheers now, Ronnie.

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