1. Tim S

    Tim S Just Slow, Not Stalin Forum Donor

    Last November I got to realize a life-long dream and had the chance to spend a month in Germany.

    Traveled quite a bit around the country and spent a lot of time in the East. Berlin, Chemnitz, Dresden, Leipzig and of course Zwickau! I spent most of an afternoon at Trabantwelt, nice people.

    Stayed in a DDR themed hotel in Berlin which was a lot of fun and ate some authentic DDR food too!

    I can't wait to go back...….. :)

    Trabants in Berlin

    Trabant outside giftshop near Berlin Fernsehturm

    Trabant near East Gallery, Berlin

    Breaking thru the wall.

    Military Kubel in Modlareuth along with 600 and trucks.

    STASI Barkas @ STASI Museum, Normannenstrasse.

    Trabanwelt.jpg PARTS.jpg
    @ TrabantWelt, Zwickau. Amazing how many Trabi parts you can fit in a 70lb suitcase!

    Fun on the Autobahn. Audi A5 TDI rental.
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  2. Tim S

    Tim S Just Slow, Not Stalin Forum Donor

    Some additional pictures that I forgot to attach to original post-

    Dresden. DDR Propaganda.

    Former House of the name-sake of my Car.

    I liked seeing this guy everywhere!
  3. Andrewwoey

    Andrewwoey Loyal Comrade

    Some great photos there. The green man in the hat is funny.

  4. Tim S

    Tim S Just Slow, Not Stalin Forum Donor

    Ampelmännchen. The little green man on East German traffic lights first appeared in 1961 and I am glad to say is still all over in the East. At least in the larger cities as I recall.

    I remember reading that when first developed his hat looked different and was considered too 'bourgeois looking' so it was redesigned to look like a straw-hat. :)

    There is an Ampelmann Store in Berlin that sell his likeness on everything from coffee mugs to lamps and t-shirts. Pretty cool!
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  5. IronJaw

    IronJaw Puttering Along

    That’s pretty cool, I’m going to Berlin myself for a weekend in January. I’ve got it all planned out, we’re also staying in the DDR hotel , will be visiting the various DDR museums and sights and I’m actually going to go on a Trabi Safari. We’re going to do the 2.5 hour tour, I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll arrive on the Friday afternoon and leave late afternoon on Sunday so I’ll be very busy over the short time I’m there.
  6. Tim S

    Tim S Just Slow, Not Stalin Forum Donor

    My son and I also stayed at the DDR Hostel in Berlin near the Berlin Ostbahnhof. Very surreal.

    If you do don't miss dining at the Restaurant Volkskammer in the same building on the opposite side. Authentic East German food with a nice décor of Ostalgie!

    I can't believe I skipped doing the Trabi Safari but my son refused to do it. Teenagers, ack! Should have thrown him in the near by Spree!

    I also really like the DDR Museum near the Berliner Bernsehturm and the Normannenstrasse Stasi Headquarters. Nice Barkas B1000 in the entrance area. Maybe not so nice a van as it was a prison van with 4 or 5 secret person hauling compartments in its interior! :)
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