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    It took a while but I completly rebuilt my Barkas engine. I got a rebuilt crank assy and new pistons. I have an original shop manual so it was a real help. The hardest part was to put on the rings to the end of the crank shaft. I broke 3 to put on four of them....

    Here is a link to the video of the second start:


    The engine is very similar to a Wartburg, but the head is a bit different.

    If any one of you need anything out of a Trabi or a Wartburg manual, let me know, I would translate it to you. I have both shop manuals in Hungarian language.

    A Barkas is a real treat to drive. It has lot more space then a comparable VW bus because the engine is at the front. It has torsion springs to save more space. As long as she aint loded to the roof the engine has pretty good power to pull it along.
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