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    So I was told. I just heard about this tonight which occured last week. I guess that tells you how informed I am of what's going on in the world.

    I live in Hawkins County, TN. Not a big county by population, maybe 40,000 people.
    From a local TV station:
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    Did you hear about all the horse meat being found in UK burgers ,sausages,lasagne etc a while back. I would happily eat horse ( and actually have ) but many people were horrified
  3. turbofiat124

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    I heard that ALDI food stores was passing off horse meat in their stores. But I don't think it was at any of their US markets. Was it there UK stores?

    There is this stigma when it comes to eating horse meat in the United States. I'm not really sure why. People consume chickens, pigs, deer, etc so what's the difference? I've never tried it to be honest.

    Years ago when my father sold cattle (like 1970s and early 1980s), they used to sell horses at the local stock yard. These horses were going toward other countries that consume horse meat.

    I don't know who (PETA) or somebody put a stop to it. Now if you have a "knackered" horse or one you cannot care for nobody will take it off your hands. Because it costs too much to feed it. Dad had to put down two of his 30+ year old horses because nobody would take the healthy one. The mare was still heathy despite being almost 35 years old but due to her age nobody would take her. So he had both of them put to sleep.

    Across the border in Canada (Quebec mostly) I think they consume allot of horse meat.

    I might try it if I ever get a chance. What does it taste like?

    I do not eat deer meat unless it's made into jerky because it tastes horrible. Bear meat tastes like a bad piece of cubed steak!

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