1. arcot1751

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    :confused: This forum has been helpful with my new purchase before so hopefully someone here can help me again ? My '89 601 has had a few problems since I bought it in fact I have only managed 2 miles in total in all that time :(
    However I now seem to have the car running well and apart from the revs being slow to return to tick over between gear changes, I have managed a short drive without a breakdown. It was while trying to adjust the tick over I noticed that there were sparks coming from the end of the screwdriver whenever I went near ANYTHING metal on the engine while it is running ! I have never seen this before apart from when a plug lead is damaged and arcs out, all leads are new and do not actually touch the engine anywhere apart obviously for the plugs themselves :) Can anyone suggest why this is happening please ?
  2. turbofiat124

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    To me that sounds like a poor earth somewhere between the engine and chassis. I know on my 81 model the negative battery cable is connected to the one of the engine to transmission bolts. Usually there is copper braided strap that connects the chassis to the engine. I know on older Fiats there is. I'll try to see if there is a cable on mine and where it's located. Usually these chassis to engine straps are connected between one of the transmission to engine bolts and then to the chassis.
  3. arcot1751

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    Funny enough I had just started to think it may be earth related :) I will have a look at them when it stops raining and maybe clean the connections etc. I thought I would try connecting a jump lead directly from engine to a known good earth and see if this stops the sparks !
  4. mbeamish

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    Jump lead trick would be my first suggestion also.Be careful though you can get a nice shock from the plug leads easily when engine is running
  5. arcot1751

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  6. arcot1751

    arcot1751 Puttering Along

    Quick update I renewed the battery to earth lead AND added an extra engine to body earth as well, this seems to have cured the problem :) Thanks again, all.

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