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  1. BillB

    BillB Loyal Comrade Administrator Forum Donor

    Ok, so I've been on a "terrible luck" streak with Heike (my '89).
    All ignition related and all 100% of my own making.
    So here is today's screw up.....
    Decided to purchase the EZ-2 ignition system from Trabantwelt.
    Very much like a Petronix system.
    Get it only to discover it is specifically a points replacement system and not for EBZA replacement.
    I have now ordered all the EBZA replacement components (what I should have done in the first place) from Trabantwelt.
    So, I have a shiny, brand new EZ-2 12v points replacement kit that was only taken out of the bag (never installed). I have also translated the installation instructions into English.

    It cost me $100

    How about $80 inclusive of shipping (USA only).

    PM me if interested.
  2. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    Despite being a hoarder...

    I could possibly let go of the points housing and the advance mechanism from my spare engine if you decide to use this aftermarket system. Just let me know.

    Actually I think the only difference between the points system and the EBZA system is it lacks the centrifugal advance mechanism that slides over the crankshaft. You could find a piece of pipe that would slide over the crankshaft with the same ID and the same OD as the piece with the magnets. I've heard some conversion kits have this which replaces the advance mechanism which is not really needed anymore with electronic ignition. Actually it's more of a retard mechanism. EBZA uses a fixed timing.

    I actually thought about doing away with that advance mechanism and using a piece of pipe instead. It seems when these things wear a bit it can alter the timing a bit at lower RPMs and make the idle speed kind of funky.

    Since you are already committed to a new EBZA system you could just borrow mine in the meantime. The points and condensers may still be good in it.

    What's baffling is this engine had a 12V alternator, and a "fuel saver" carburetor on it but had a points ignition system. It was my understanding when they went to 12 volts, they also went to the EZBA system. Unless the last person's EBZA system crapped out and they just used a points system from an earlier car.

    Bummer my spare transmission uses the CV joints instead of the hinge joints. Apparently whoever threw these used parts in my car, did not check first to see if they were pre or post 84. Even the spare wheel doesn't match the ones on the car. Like they grabbed a bunch of spare parts off a post 84 model!
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2017
  3. Tim S

    Tim S Just Slow, Not Stalin Forum Donor

    PM sent showing interest.
    BillB likes this.
  4. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    Sorry I don't see anything in my inbox.
  5. Tim S

    Tim S Just Slow, Not Stalin Forum Donor

    Oh, sorry turbofiat my pm was for showing interest in Bill's part.
  6. BillB

    BillB Loyal Comrade Administrator Forum Donor

    "Message received and understood" - Vyvyan Basterd, The Young Ones (1982)

  7. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    No that was my fault. I thought BillB was replying to me!

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