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    Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to let you know that my book has been published and is now available to buy. "Two Stroke Cars of the Past" celebrates the history of what I consider to be the most important two stroke cars ever made. It also features period road tests, buyers guides, current market values, where to buy etc. Full of statistics, anecdotes, personal experiences and rare photos.

    When I first got interested in two stroke cars, I looked on Amazon and other sites for a book that would further my knowledge and interest. There were such books, but only in German. Not one book existed solely on the topic of two stroke cars in English, so I decided to research the subject and write my own, making it the sort of book I'd be happy to purchase.

    This book is the result of over two years research and work. Rather than make it another classic car book full of stats, I've tried to write it in as interesting a way as possible and hopefully it will appeal not only to enthusiasts of two stroke cars, but also appeal to all lovers of classic cars.

    Car's covered are: DKW, Saab, Subaru, Wartburg, Trabant, Goliath, Suzuki, Lloyd, Goggomobil and plenty more.
    The DKW Chapter is one of the biggest in the book and there's many other references to them throughout. The majority of DKW two stroke cars made are covered to some degree.

    It's a large book, bigger than A4 format and around 330 pages.
    I know this forum is largely U.S based, so the best place to buy if that's the case is amazon.com, see link below. The price is $27.99 with free postage within America.

    http://www.amazon. com/Two-Stroke- .../ ref=sr_1_ 8?ie=UTF8& qid=1327579497& sr=8-8

    My blog has some information also:

    http://www.wartburg353knig ht.blogspot. com
    Anyone outside of America, particularly Europe, I can supply the book to you directly if you wish. Just email me for more info. I'm based in Ireland.

    Any questions or further information, just reply here or email me directly.

    Best Regards,
    Mark Telford

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