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  1. Robert Dunn

    Robert Dunn Puttering Along

    Hi all!
    I just bought my first Trabant. I've had it for a total of one day now. I haven't even changed the title yet. Anyone else with a Trabant in the midwest?
  2. Aaron

    Aaron Leader

    Hey Welcome! There are a few in the Midwest, I am in Michigan, Keri is in Chicago.....Glad to see you on the forum. Have any pictures of it yet?
  3. Robert Dunn

    Robert Dunn Puttering Along

    Just this one picture: [​IMG]

    I'll also be doing a series of youtube videos about it at youtube.com/agingwheels
  4. Caleb

    Caleb Loyal Comrade

    Welcome! I am in KY so it looks like you are pretty well surrounded.

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