1. turbofiat124

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    I've got a set of spare heads I'd like to have machined to bump the C/R up a bit. But I've heard if you mess up the "squish" it can cause more harm than good. Plus I think you need the engine to check the squish using a piece of solder while your doing this.
  2. kev the builder

    kev the builder Loyal Comrade

    Your right the squish is important also the heads have small grooves in them for sealing if you skim them you loose them if you don't use head gaskets you get a small increase in compression
  3. turbofiat124

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    I really need to de-carbonize my cylinder head and piston crown. Also the base gaskets seem to be leaking a bit (oil accumulates on the underside of the engine block).

    A few years ago I was trying to get my electronic ignition setup and had the timing advanced way too far and had bumped the idle speed up to keep the engine from stalling at low speeds. When I went to shut the engine off, the engine continued to run! Battery light was on, key was out of the ignition! To stop the engine, I pulled the air cleaner hose off the carburetor and smothered it with the palm of my hand. I've heard of run away diesels but have never heard of a run away 2 stroke! My guess is the carbon buildup got so hot it was acting as a glow plug.

    While I have the jugs off, I thought about polishing the cylinder heads. Is there any performance advantage to that? Would polished aluminum be less likely to coke up over time?

    I have resurfaced turbo flanges and small engine cylinder heads using a piece of 220 grit sandpaper and a sheet of glass from an 8X10 picture frame. I'll spray the surface down with "Steel Ink" which looks like blue ink from a marker in a spray can and rub in a circular motion until the ink is gone. I've also done the blocks the same way.

    What kind of a C/R increase would leaving the head gasket out produce?
  4. kev the builder

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    Polishing the head has no performance gain on a 2 stroke as the ports are in the barrels or jugs in American that's where the gains come from its easy to get carried away and open the ports up to much and make the engine peaky and untractionable I'm not sure how much compressions increased by leaving the gaskets off but this trabi would pull 117-120 kph with the only mod being no head gaskets
  5. turbofiat124

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    I'll definitely give it a shot. I may as well port the exhaust ports while I'm at it.

    Mine will pull only pull 100 KM/H @ full throttle on flat land which I think is the what the factory said was the top speed was.

    It would be nice to be able to hit at least 65 mph on the interstate.
  6. kev the builder

    kev the builder Loyal Comrade

    Mine will cruse at 100/110 on the A1/motorway on the stock carb I'm hopeing it will be a bit quicker and smoother when I get the new carb sorted
  7. Wartburg353W

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    Unless you're going to do a bunch of suspension mods, it's just as well you don't go 65 mph. Not a car built for speed/stability.
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