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    Danzer uses FedEx and is much faster (~6 days). LDM and TrabantWelt uses DHL so it's like 2 to 4 weeks. Danzer seems to be limitied to the parts they have. Or they just don't list everything they have on their website.

    If you need to do a complete brake overhaul TrabantWelt sells a complete kit except for the master cylinder seals. Danzer seals the MS seals.

    Don't expect the parts to be labeled though. They are just thrown in box in little ziplock bags and you have to figure out which parts goto what. If your like me and you have never worked on Trabant brakes, forget everything you know about drum brakes on American cars.

    The front wheel cylinders have different angled slots for the shoes to rest. The front and rear "hammers" self adjusters are different and two of the rear shoes have less friction material. Keep that in mind. Don't do like me and just start throwing parts on or you'll have to tear it all apart again. Several times!
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    Hey man I live near where you broke down in Arnold, MD before you get to Annapolis. We should get together sometime. I am planning on tinkering with mine over the winter and getting it more family friendly, ie rear seatbelts to put the car seat in. Also need to fix 2 gas leaks that just popped up. I as well bought mine from Mike about a year and a half ago or so.
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    I don't know if this is safe or even legal but I wraped my rear belts around the rear shock tower bar and tied the ends in a knot. These are the non retractable type lap belts. I found the best way was to lay out the belt on the female end as long as possible. It will end up draping over the bottom seat cusion toward the middle. Then do the same for the male end next to the window. That way all you have to do is adjust the buckle to increase the length of the belt. Leave about 3 inches at the ends of the belts.

    If you goto O'Reliey autoparts (I think Advance Auto might have them), look for Superior brand rear lap belts. They sell for about $15 each. These are just lap belts. There's no good place on the rear of a Trabant to bolt the shoulder too. There is a threaded hole next to the rear window but that was used for pop out windoes on Deluxe models and might not hold.

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