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    The article was vaguely worded and made no mention of the statues history.

    The Chinese-made statue was removed to be altered to more resemble a US soldier?

    If the statue was recently acquired, and they bought a Chinese one to save cost, this is comical.
    Trying to remodel the statue is likely to have hilarious results, like putting an Uncle Sam outfit on a statue of Ho Chi Min.

    If the statue had been on display for a long time and is well known for being "the Chinese soldier", this is more evidence of a disturbing increase of glorification of the military.
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    That was an abridged version from another local paper. The original article that was published in the Kingsport newspaper requires a password to view the whole story so I just posted the link from Johnson City's newspaper.



    The jest of it was the statue was put up in the Kingsport Veterans memorial back in October so it was only on display for about a month. The initial reaction was, "That looks like a Chinese soldier!". Then over the past month, the city started getting complaints from residents that the statue resembled a Chinese solder (which I think it does).

    I don't know about Chicago but embezzlement and misuse of tax dollars seems to be rampant here in East Tennessee. It wouldn't surprise me if whoever ordered this statue told the city that they purchased a statue made in the United States for X amount of dollars, but rather bought a cheaper Chinese made statue and pocketed the difference.

    The other thing that could have happened was somebody was searching for a statue of a soldier and actually purchased it from a US supplier (who was the cheapest) and that was what they got. But in that case, you would think someone would have had the sense not to buy something sight unseen.

    Whatever the case maybe, I'm sure the cost of labor required to modify to the statute by a masson artist is probably going to cost more than what they paid for it! Kind of like using $4.00 Chinese wheel bearings instead of using $22 SKF bearings!

    At least they didn't put up one of these Chinese soldier statues!

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    "Pass the Dutchie by the left hand side..."
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    They replaced some of the granite kerb stones in our village. The new stone came from China . Supposedly it was the cheapest option . Imagine the CO and pollution caused by shipping all that stone half way around the world
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    If you go to the builders merchants there's Spanish and Chinese roof slates which are less than half the price of Welsh slate but they're now where near as good quality but the imported ones outsell them by a large margin
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    Since the USA-backed 2014 takeover of Ukraine's government is "Soviet-unfriendly" and "West-friendly", so to speak, monuments and statues glorifying the Soviet era have been banned.

    So, there's a lot of statues of soldiers on the second-hand market, if your city is looking to save big!
    Russian and Ukrainian soldier statues look far more like American soldiers than do Chinese ones, and are often very distinctive, impressive and imposing.
    As a bonus, the USSR and USA were fighting on the same side in WW2, against the Nazis.

    So, just call up the Ukrainian embassy. They're sure to have any number of statues for rock-bottom prices, especially since their currency has lost 2/3 of its value after the western takeover.

    Just one word of caution - Soviet art tended to be on a massive scale, so not only is a lot of real estate required, but often considerable airspace as well.

    Monument to the Defender of the Motherland.jpg
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