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    Featuring my 1991 Emerald Green Figaro 600_2859_1000_480.jpg 600_2859_1000_480.jpg 600_2862_1000_480.jpg

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    Is that a museum like Lane Motor Museum in Nashville or do they sell cars?

    I wanted one of those Kei vans but can't seem to break out the cash for what they are going for. Like this dealer in New Jersey:


    Especially when allot of them have rust on them and they are all 25+ years old. That's how the guy get's them in to the country. TN's got some law that says you cannot drive them more than 30 or 45 MPH on the road. But as long as they have a valid licence plate and your not going over the posted speed limit, cops usually won't pull you over.

    I ended up buying a used 2001 Dodge RAM 1500 (for $1500!) just to haul stuff in it.

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    A little of both, there are approximately 700 japanese domestic market vehicles, some are part of Duncan's collection, some are for sale
    His website is https://www.duncanimports.com/
    I recently bought a Nissan Pao from https://www.beforward.jp/ but this only last week, It's still in japan and I don't expect delivery for a few months
    there were about 15 cars at the Parade today, including a Wartburg, Lada and two Dacia

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