1. turbofiat124

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    I've complained in the past about how shipping from Germany to the US using DHL is expensive (2kg cost around 50 Euros), slow (2 to 3 weeks) and the package always looks like it took a detour through hell.

    Shipping from the UK is fairly reasonable especially through the Royal Mail and not too slow (~ 2 weeks) and usually arrives in good condition.

    Germany and Slovenia seems to be the most expensive and the slowest. But Hungary and Romania is fast and cheap.

    China is always cheap but takes about 2 to 3 weeks. Hong Kong is cheap but, 1 month minimum.

    My parents didn't know what to get me this year and like always I tell them "you can't go wrong with car parts or tools"!

    So they gave me some money to buy what I wanted instead. I held off a bit on some stuff thinking if I ordered them now, then would be here about a week before Christmas. Boy was I wrong!

    I went with Burton 2CV out of the Netherlands. Mainly because they offer quite a bit of improved versions of parts they had specially designed like silicone dump tubes instead of those shitty cardboard pipes that divert hot air from the heat exchangers to the wheel wells. My 1500 PSI pressure washer killed them when I degreased the engine compartment! I know I should have removed them, wasn't thinking ahead on that one.

    I ordered this stuff on November 28th Sunday night (which would have been before Monday morning over there) and it arrived Wednesday the 30th! How is that possible?

    I ordered some 2CV stuff from a guy here in the US and it took about a week to arrive! I think Burton used UPS. Shipping was reasonable. I couldn't find the weight on the invoice but shipping was only 53 Euros and I think the package weighs about 40 lbs.

    The only thing is I don't think my package tray is in this box unless it's folded or is in two pieces. I didn't have time to open the box last night after working 12 hours, was too tired. It maybe in a different package that is still on the delivery truck or at the depot.

    Last year my wife ordered me some Trabant parts for Christmas and it seemed to arrive in about a week and a half. I figured around this time with the extra packages, it would have taken longer.

    Maybe due to Christmas these shipping companies are working extra hours and using allot of temp workers. Last year this Ryder box van pulled up behind my house which looked suspicious so I came out and asked, "Who are you?" He said FedEx. So I asked him why he was in rental van and he said they were renting moving vans during Christmas and using temporary seasonal workers to handle the excess packages.

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  2. mbeamish

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    I am always impressed with Germany to UK postage , Danzer in particular is very fast . I often get stuff faster from danzer in Germany than ordering from british Ebay. I would love to buy more from US but shipping and customs combine to make it pointless . VW parts are a lot cheaper in US but after import duties there isn't much of a saving
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    Last packages I got from project601 and trabantwelt, I had in less than a week. I want to also try IFAHeinz, who I think is a member here.
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    How does the UK collect customs on overseas packages? I don't think I've ever had to pay customs fees on any overseas packages.

    The only time I can recall every having to pay customs was on one of those reborn dolls I bought my wife bought off Ebay that came from Canada from a private seller. I bought a gas tank for my Tomos from a guy in Canada and didn't have to pay customs on it.

    I'm just wondering if the US doesn't collect customs on private individuals due to the volume of packages that enter the country.

    Edward if there is anything I can help you out on just let me know.
  5. turbofiat124

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    Burton's let out one of my booster fans I ordered and once again it arrived in a couple of days. I had to go back and order a hardware kit for the package tray for my 2CV. It's more of a hammock than a typical tray and I had no idea. That's the downside to owning a unique car that nobody else has one for miles around!

    Who is this IFAHeinz guy?

    Reich Tuning has some neat stuff but they have no dropdown box for the United States and I emailed them twice to see if they would sign me up as a customer but got no response.
  6. kev the builder

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    In the UK you seem to have to pay customs tax on packages from the USA and Australia I asked about this the last time I got charged the post office was very vaige about which packages charge for but they said they prioritise on those from the U.S. And oz you have to go to there specific depot and then pay the tax and then a handling charge to them,low cost items under £30 are supposed to be free but this seems to be at their discression I've had some smaller parts delivered with no additional charges and others where I get a notice saying I have to pay and collect it it can make importing parts expensive
  7. turbofiat124

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    What if the sender writes "gift" or something on the customs form and puts down less than £30? Would that get it through UK customs without having to pay import duties?

    I'm still baffled about the doll from Canada. As to why the seller added import duties to the final payment yet the guy who sent me the fuel tank for my bike did not. I've never seen that before on anything I've ordered from abroad.

    From my understanding the import duties on the doll was rather high. TN has about the highest sales tax in the US (~10%) and I seem to think the import duties was more than that.
  8. kev the builder

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    You supposedly don't get taxed on a gift but if it comes from a dealer then it's not classed as a gift in the UK it's 20%vat plus the royal mails handling charge I did ask why they charge an additional handling charge as it's there job to deliver the parcel and I have to pick it up they had a strop and nearly threw me out
  9. turbofiat124

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    I was going to ask a dumb question but does the Royal mail deliver parcels and mail to your house like they do in the United States? Or are you required to pick it up your mail at the post office?

    So if you had to pick up a package at the post office, is that how they charge import duties? Such as when you go to pick it up, you have to pay the import duties before they hand over the package?

    The mail lady just dumps my packages off either on my porch or at my garage door if they won't fit in my mailbox. I wish she wouldn't do the latter because my wife parks her car in the basement and could possibly run over any packages.

    Every now and then I run into a case where I have to pick the package up at the post office for no apparent reason or than when it comes to certified mail or a package that requires a delivery confirmation signature because nobody was home at the time of delivery.

    The strangest issue was those headlamps I bought off Ebay.UK. She left a pink slip for me to sign in my mail box but gave no reason why. So I signed it, stuck it back in the mailbox but the next day she never delivered the package. So I drove to the post office to ask them what the deal was. The lady at the post office calls the delivery lady and tells her I was there inquiring about my package. She gave no reason other than she would deliver it today.
  10. kev the builder

    kev the builder Loyal Comrade

    its not realy a dumb question as it seems a bit complicated the royal mail delivers mail and parcels to my house if your not in and the parcel wont fit in the letter box (we dont have mail box s)they leave a red slip and you pick up your parcel from the local post office on producing the slip,if theres an import charge you just get a different slip saying you have to pay the charge and pick up the parcel from a large depot about 15 miles away you give them the slip and pay the fee and they bring out your parcel,i told you it was a bit complicated,our local post office and postey are great and realy helpfull but the ones at the large depot make you feel like your at school and got to see the headmaster for punishment
  11. mbeamish

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    Because I live in Northern Ireland ( which is part of UK ) I investigated getting American stuff delivered to the republic of Ireland ( some of the people I work with live in the ROI) . Sadly the irish import duties /charges turned out to be similar to the british ones for US stuff.
  12. turbofiat124

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    If I'm going to ship something myself, I prefer using the postal service over UPS and FedEx. It's closer, cheaper and more convenient.

    Our "branch" post office is less than 2 miles from my house but is only open until 2 pm. The "main" post office which actually sorts our mail is about 5 miles from my house. If someone requires that I ship something FedEx or UPS, I have two choices. I can either drive 30 miles to the local airport to where FedEx or UPS is located or drive up town and pay one of those companies a fee that packages things for you to simply use them as a drop off point. Then UPS and FedEx picks up packages from them.

    DHL sort of went belly up here in the US. As far as I know, I can't send a package using DHL. DHL packages that comes from overseas are delivered by the postal service. My assumption is, they arrive by plane to perhaps New York, unloaded in a pile, then when the pile is large enough to fill a truck, they call the postal service to pick them up.

    That may explain why it costs $55 to ship a 2 kg package from Germany (last time I ordered something), why it can take up to a month to receive it and why the package looks like it's been through hell. And it may explain why packages from Germany arrive quicker around Christmas than in the middle of summer because they use allot of temp workers through the holidays.

    Seems like DHL still has a depot in the United States but I think they only handle overnight deliveries because I'll see a DHL van every now and then. I remember at one time a co-worker was telling me DHL was the only shipping company in the US that would ship snakes!
  13. kev the builder

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    now this may be a daft question but why would you ship snakes! car/bike parts for sure but snakes no,could this be why theyre no longer delivering
  14. turbofiat124

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    The guy raised ball pythons as pets and sold them. He initially thought he could make money doing this but found out it was a money pit. Like Trabants!
  15. mbeamish

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    Guy at work had a pet pedigree Staffordshire terrier dog . He thought he would breed his dog and make a fortune selling the puppies . I'm afraid we all laughed ( a lot) as he would describe the wreckage and destruction the pups had caused . Once the first six pups were sold that was the end of the project
  16. kev the builder

    kev the builder Loyal Comrade

    Now that sounds a bit like restoring old cars as well people think that's an easy way to make money not realising how much time and money they take then they sell them as unfinished projects
  17. turbofiat124

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    You know AMstafs or American Staffordshire terriers are categorized under pit bulls in the United States. I think they are a bit larger than their British cousins. Like American German shepherds were breed to exhibit different traits than the original German breed. My father had German Shepherds and breed them for ages so I've grown up around dogs all my life. But I was never really a dog person, I was always more of a cat person to be honest.

    When I met my wife, she had this American Shaffordshire terrier that had wandered to her at her house, I guess where someone had dumped her out one night. After we married the dog moved in with us and eventually the dog because more attached to me than her.

    Despite the fact some cities have banned this breed and allot of insurance companies won't write you a homeowner's policy if you own one, that was the best dog ever. She had the best temperament of any dog we I had ever seen. She didn't mess in the house, would peck on the front door with her foot if she wanted out to use the bathroom, never chewed up anything. was not hostile toward children or other dogs even eating out of her food bowel, didn't mind being bathed or her toenails cuts. She would lay on the bed with me while I slept after working nightshirt. She was a big lap down.

    Her only downside was she liked to roll around in deer poop or some reason which German shepherds are known for. So she constantly got a bath. Not to mention going after a few skunks from time to time. When that happened she was banished to Dad's kennel until the smell went away.

    I have no idea how old she was but just guessing she may have been around 14 when she started developing tumors so I had to have her put down. it was a sad day for me because I had never really been attached to an animal like I was her.



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