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    Was out and about today on a wild goose chase looking for a rebuild kit for a Zenith carb for my 58 Ford Tractor. To no avail of course. It was such a pretty day, after days of grey cloudy skies and rain but rather cool at 75F in the middle of August. I stopped by to show Rudy my car but he was in Germany until the 28th visiting relatives. But his son was there and him and all the mechanics came out to take a look. Made a 30 mile round trip. The car never missed a beat or stalled on me. Life is good!

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    It is nice when everything goes well :eek:). It is in the right place "German Motors" :)
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    I've been experimenting to different brands of 2 cycle oil and mixtures. I've been trying a 40:1 mixture since the car came from Hungary and that is what is ran on in the early part of it's life since that was what was sold at a the pump. I don't know if the oil ratio effects the fuel mixture or not. I have not messed with the mixture just the idle speed. I had to bump it up a bit when I got it because it wouldn't idle. Maybe a difference in altitude. I live at 1200 feet above sea level. But apparantly idled in Miami where it came through.

    I wanted to show Rudy my car. Just to see his reaction. He is quite a character. Well he did wave and smile one day out in the parking lot as I was driving by his garage as I honked my horn. He is very opinionated. He gives me hell about my Fiats and my Yugo. He always goes into a politcal rant about something. He was sent over here by VW in the early 60s when the local Ford dealership started selling VWs, found a girlfriend and got married and stayed ever since. So he lived the first 20s years in Germany then the rest in Tennessee.
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