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  1. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    I have a Polish acquantance in Bristol, U.K. who is trying to have a clear out of P601 parts ...incl. alot of panels that he has stored1
    Also, he is trying to restore a P500 Kombi and needs panels, etc...if anyone can help.

    I can let anyone interested have his mobile no., so that you can text him either way, if wished.

    He is based/has the items dry stored, in the Bedminster district of Bristol....and wants to make some room.

    He is a nice chap to deal with, although his English is sketchy, ....He would like to make some more room in his double garage, so that he can get to grips with restoring his older model.
    He is reasoable for selling parts too,...as I got a whole P601 engine, with starter, carb, fan and exh. manifold from him a while ago for £100 cash,....without having to haggle.

    He also has some useful contacts for Trabant parts, from Poland, if you DO get to deal with him.


    Ian (Somerset).

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