1. ash

    ash Newbie

    hello. i've recently bought a 1.1. its in really good shape but the brakes are awful. i was thinking about changing the master cylinder. I read they are polo running gear and engines, is the master cylinder the same ? many thanks
  2. vdubbin

    vdubbin Loyal Comrade

    Hi Ash, congrats on the purchase! The 1043cc used used in the Trabis was also used in the "Breadvan" shaped Polos and the 6N shape, until about 99 when the 1.o MPI engine was introduced. Not 100% sure on the MC compatibility, after looking at a few on Ebay and trabantwelt, they do look similar.
    Trabi 1.1

    Polo 6n:

    Polo 86CF (breadvan)

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