1. kev the builder

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  2. Ian

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    The guy in the pic (3rd up) looks like he's set-up a "pop-up trabi diagnostic and tuning centre"...Years ahead of the pop-up cafe trend!!

    Any thoughts, on what this might have been?....Perhaps this type of tented tuning, was commonplace in DDR & Czechoslovakia, etc????

    Really like the official looking uniform....Much better than a std. brown Storeperson's coat!
  3. turbofiat124

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    What kind of car is this on the left? Looks similar to the Skoda below except for the air vents on the quarter panels. I want one!



    Such beautiful cars! Not like the boring cars built today.

    Everybody has a smile on their face and their vacationing. Living in CZ must not have been like the DDR.
  4. czechnology

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    The description of the picture had title: Preparation for the III. National Trabant Congress. It was usually under the auspices the Svazarm organization.
  5. czechnology

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    You are right. It is the Škoda 1000 MB model. The quarter panels you mentioned is the earlier version. (nowadays more demandable) There were also some other changes during the production)
  6. Micha1710

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    AK 47 on the license plate :)
  7. Micha1710

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