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    Nice summary, Keri. I would just restate a bit; the price of a car is not what the seller asks but rather what the buyer agrees to pay. And this particular car has been without a buyer for some time. Anyway, the Party frowns upon private transactions!
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  2. Keri

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    Comrade Jeff,

    More correctly, the price is what the seller will take, rather than what the seller is asking... I corrected my previous post to reflect this.
    The buyer does not set the price but can try to negotiate one.
    If the potential buyer does not offer an amount the seller will take, no sale is made but the price stands.

    Oh, and The Party in no way restricts the sale of motor vehicles between comrades, more than necessary. ;)
  3. Justin

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    At the same time, if the buyer asks and receives answers to specific questions and those answers are misrepresented to the buyer then there is some responsibility on the sellers side with that. I speak this in generalities rather than to this specific case. I, personally, on the board anyway. must remain as unbiased as possible.

    Regardless, there is a limited market on these cars.
  4. Aaron

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    Absolutely right, Justin. Ive never purchased anything long distance, in part because it could be done locally. Buying a trabi meant taking a risk and going anywhere from Texas to Maryland...this is why I double and triple verified everything. Talked on the phone at least 4-5 times, got 20+ photos, wrote up a list of questions to ask...Ive never been so thorough with someone before.

    I have been keeping an eye, its still listed on baltimore CL, same crappy night pictures...The ad gets taken down and relisted every few days...Used car salesman techniques through and through


    I really wish I would have slowed down and got some pictures when I was there so I could show presented vs actual pictures..It's night and day.
  5. Bountyflyer

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    I've inported seven vehicles from Europe so far. Living in Houston has a great advantage because the VW ship docks there so in an hour I can be there to pick it up. It takes 2 days of leg work between offeces to get a car legalized. Not to hard and deffenetly not expenseve once you know what to do. My advice for inporting is that be sure that the vehicle is OVER 25 years of age and you have a LEGAL translation of it's title, with an English bill of sale.

    If you buy one in Hungary for example and you want to drive it to a port like Emden or Bremenhaven you will need a temporary plate, to get this you will need an originality inspection, and temporary insurance... Al and all about $250. It's a lot of fun to drive around Europe! Make sure to stack up on 2stroke oil because outside of Hungary you won't find any at gas stations....

    Good luck!
  6. Bill Overbaugh

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    I bought my Trabi (Rudi) from Mike. He treated me very fairly. I did a pretty poor job of prep-work; didn't check into him, didn't even know about this forum, didn't know what to look for in a Trabi. And to be completely honest, I did not get anywhere near a perfect car. The seats are broken - he put seat covers over them. The tires are shot, the brakes are sketchy, it won't stay running steadily, there was no air filter in it, the plugs were gapped to .000, the rear view mirror flops around, the battery was held down with a bungee cord, and the battery was a lawn mower battery. But I never expected I was getting a modern-day car or even a fully restored car. I knew it was an old Trabi that had been cleaned up and repainted and imported. Mike didn't misrepresent anything to me, and I got exactly what I expected.
  7. turbofiat124

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    I don't know what you paid for the car but I had $4800 in mine by the time it made it to me from Hungary and I've been working out bugs every since.

    1) electrical
    2) carb
    3) brakes (big PITA if you have never worked on Trabi brakes)
    4) ignition
    5) recently greased the CV joints which took care of the jerking at low speeds

    I've just about got all the bugs sorted out. I cut my own carpet I got at Lowe's hardware for $20. I still have not installed my seat covers I bought last May!
    The fenders and quarterpanels needs to be pulled so some rust repair can be done in the trunk around the wheelwells and the car repainted and it should be good to go.

    I knew the car was going to need some work but did not know that the previous owner did nothing to it! It seems he just replaced items as they failed. From the looks, I think the car still had the original plug wires on it and the car has 40,000 miles if not 80,000 miles.

    But my reasoning was I could have paid double for one when they pop up on Ebay or Craigslist and still be working on it. Justin seemed to have purchased a nice example but I think he has had some mechanical issues with his and I'm sure he probably gave more for his than I did mine considering the condition his is in.

    Yeah it's not right to misrepresent a car. But on the other hand if everyone with a 30 year old car told what was wrong with it, nobody would buy it! I mean you shouldn't lie about a car's condition, just not volunteer any information. Like when talking to the police!

    I have a 1980 Fiat Brava. It's a good running car. Smokes a bit, leaks a bit of oil. But the downside is it came from Maryland and it's full of body filler. I did not know it was rusted that bad until I started tearing it apart but there are probably only 100 of them in the US and I wanted one and for $300 I got what I paid for.

    I've been thinking about selling my 68 Ford. Once again the cowl was rusted out and has been repaired with fiberglass but other than that there was no other major rust on the car. It's a good runner but my grandmother wrecked this car about three times! So if someone asked me if the car had been wrecked, I would be like, well yeah, it's a 46 year old car, what do you expect? Take it or leave it!
  8. Aaron

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    I never expected a modern day perfect vehicle either. Ive rebuilt 4 classic vehicles (54' chevy pickup, 66 chevy pickup, m1009 blazer, and a 48 chevy sedan) I know what a Trabi is (or rather isn't) and what to expect. That is why I discussed on the phone and emails sent back and forth going over the main thing I wanted to make sure on this vehicle...Limited Rust. He kept telling me (and emails, which I can dig up if somebody wants) it was a rust free trabi. He took pictures at the right angles underneath to show me. He bragged about the new paint on it, and he said it ran perfect...Two things I really didn't even ask about. Frankly, the fact he couldnt get it started and it wouldn't idle didn't scare me at all, these carbs are simple. But when he went out of his way to tell me it runs great and is one of the best examples he's had it makes you second guess everything he said...And that doesn't take into account the brushed housepaint job that was absolutely hideous.

    He was very rushed when I got there, especially considering I had driven 15 hours. Literally as soon as I pulled up he was lining it up to load it on the trailer. Maybe I am looking into it too much, I don't know. My feeling is he wanted the transaction done ASAP. I slowed it down, asked for a ride, then popped the trunk seeing first hand what his carefully positioned pictures didn't.

    As mentioned, his response to what I said told me everything I needed to know..."just get some bondo and cover the rust and paint over it"..That's a half assed a way of fixing rust and everybody knows it.

    This was a miserable example of a car. Last I saw it on ebay 6 months for less than I offered him for it there (I didnt want to go home empty handed and tried to settle it there). I only wish I could have kept my temper in check and snapped a few cell phone pictures from honest angles so those of you who do not know me or Mike could decide for themselves.

    I am glad you are happy Bill Overbaugh. Im honestly not sure what to think of Annen still to this day, meaning I can't tell if he does this on purpose for monetary gain or he's just a bit "off" and doesn't quite understand what he's doing...If I didnt know better Id think it was monetary, but looking around his yard and all the "stuff" he has I think it's the latter. I am trying to give his intentions the benefit of the doubt, as he did refund the deposit I had paypal'd him.

    When I sent a big email out to the trabant usa email group I was overwelmed by the responses from others who had experiences like mine. I am not the first one to go through this.. Just maybe the most vocal because I wasted $500 in gas/tolls and the first holiday weekend of summer due to his dishonesty and I was pissed off.

    I know he probably isn't happy I have been so vocal. Frankly, I don't care. He could have easily made me out to look like the crazy one if he was truly innocent by showing all of us better pictures of this car. After all, he had it through this fall and I went there last May. He never did. He never even used different pictures on the ebay ad. That tells me something.

    Enjoy your new trabi, and I hope to enjoy mine.. :)

    JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

    Aaron does that mean that you found one?
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  10. Aaron

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    Yup, doing the deal now..Hope I didnt jinx it. o_O

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