1. Andrew

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    Just thought I would share what I've found regarding getting USB devices to work in a 6v Car

    Most of what is reported out there regarding getting phone/gps charges etc to work involves voltage step up converters to turn 6v to 12v and then plugging in a standard 12v car charger that drops the 12v down to 5v to charge a phone or gps etc.

    There is obviously going to be a bit of wasted energy in this conversion, and maybe it isn't that much waste, but I would think it would be much easier to just regulate the 6v down to 5v, much less wastage, especially in our Trabi's where there is limited power coming off the generators.

    I ordered a couple of these:
    from goodluckbuy.com, I have no idea of the quality or if they will actually work (most of these converters require inputs of 7-8v, they are still on their way to NZ, (I find its a bit of a hit and miss affair ordering off these sites.) But I will update the thread once they arrive and I've tested them.

    I will probably hook one up to a hella/bmw/Merit plug so its just a attachment lead that I can then plug a standard usb cable in to, and maybe wire the other under the dash, probably into the glovebox.


  2. turbofiat124

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    I posted this same thing months ago. You might be able to find more info in the archives.

    There is no need to buy anything like that. If you buy one of those USB ports that plugs into a cigarrette lighter (that does not have a LED) I don't know why that is important, 6V will carry it just fine. Like this one:


    You can either buy one of those Hella to cigarrette lighter adapters that plugs into the power point or build your own.

    I also found I can run one of these MP3 players off 6 volts:

    But I mounted an actual 12V power point attached to the body side of my radio that turns the player off when I shut the engine off.


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