1. Bountyflyer

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    Try your Trabant with avgas. It will be a new car! Avgas also have much needed led in it! My Tabant's speedometer passes 120 then passas the green light and after that I had to slow down...
  2. Thinsid

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    Have just had a thought, if it's ok on the flat but not so good uphill, try a performance air filter. IF you Only use the filter element NOT full kit (If applicable) it is NOT regarded as a modification so NO need to tell insurance company!
    I've had performance filter elements on ALL my Volvos. It made a staggering difference to the 340 (1.4 litre B14.4E Motor).
    Simple to use, clean and maintain (If you buy a K&N one they'll even give you a Million Mile Warranty if you register it.) also NO need to replace it annually so even on a limited annual mileage it's paid for itself in 5 years.
  3. whatacar1997

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  4. Keri

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    Why would a Trabi motor need lead?

    4-cycle motors benefitted from lead because it lubricated the exhaust valves at high temperatures.

    But a Trabi motor has no hot poppet valves to lubricate! What would benefit from the addition of lead?

    AVgas does have the benefit of no alcohol, and as alcohol has lower energy content than gasoline, alcohol-blended fuels can reduce power somewhat....
  5. vdubbin

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    Spotted in Dublin by a friend of mine (and Mini nut) Maxi:

  6. Bill Overbaugh

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    Nice! Makes me want to get some velcro shoes and sing Winds of Change while playing Atari.
    What's the car in front?
  7. DDR

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    By the look of it , its a Triumph Herald convertible from the 60's
  8. Matteo

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    New winter tyres for my Trabi :)
    Bought off Trabantwelt, of course.


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  9. whatacar1997

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    Looks pretty awesome! I didn't know winter tyres were made for Trabis, so I guess I learned something new today. :)
  10. Bill Overbaugh

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    Those tires are going to eat snow for breakfast. That's an aggressive tread!
  11. whatacar1997

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  15. turbofiat124

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    Let me try this again. Trying to post and watch my daughter while using a remote laptop!

    Went to Wal-Mart the other day. This isn't the first time I've went grocery shopping in the Trabbi. Yes you can get a full buggy load of groceries in the trunk of a Trabant. Along with a spare tire and a toolbox.

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  16. frogbros

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  17. Justin

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    I like it!
  18. mati0921

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    Washing machine crapped out, volvo was not home, and the big trailer had a flat tyre. only one thing left to do:
    Got some intersting looks backing up to the delivery gate at the store. :D

    uphill accelerating is not an option here, but who needs that anyways. :)
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  19. vdubbin

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  20. frogbros

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    Just a sunny day in Time Square.

    image.jpg image.jpg
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