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    Hello all,

    We had great fun today at Motormania in Grantown on Spey... 450 cars present this year, and a beautiful sunny day in the highlands!

    WP_20160904_11_22_39_Pro - Copy.jpg

    I must admit that the Qek stole the show from Rosie this year, had a great response and more than a few offers!

    WP_20160904_11_22_54_Pro - Copy.jpg

    The new engine proved it's worth pulling the 'van up our long, steep hills mostly in third gear, but 50 mph in fourth is possible on the level bits no bother!

    WP_20160904_11_26_39_Pro - Copy.jpg

    The new seat cushions and curtains have brightened up the interior nicely... and it was nice for the family to have somewhere to chill out in the shade.

    WP_20160904_15_30_19_Pro - Copy.jpg

    Motormainia must be the best car show in Scotland, there was an amazing amount and variety of classics there. Car of the show for me was a beautiful Auto Union 1000SP, a sporty coupe body on the DKW 1000 chassis. I now can't believe I didn't get a picture... doh!

    Anyway, cheers all, hope all's well with yourselves.
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