1. barrie

    barrie Puttering Along

    my power is down I can get up to 60kph I feel the spark plugs when I stop and as you look at the car the left side is hot the right is not so trying to fix this problem I have change both spark plugs and spark plug wire's I have change both condenser's and ignition coil, how ever the the ignition coil I have put is small and black the 1 I took of was bigger and silver will that make any deferment's? I am fast running out of iders help
  2. A Spooky Ghost

    A Spooky Ghost Loyal Comrade

    Have you cleaned, and gapped the points? Has it been properly timed with a dial indicator for each cylinder? If your car is still 6V, you would need a standard 6V coil set. Of course wrong, and miss matched coils will super screw up the way it acts. Find a multimeter and start making sure you have power where you need it. Try checking for spark, with plugs out of motor, and sitting on something metal(your looking for bright blue).
  3. barrie

    barrie Puttering Along

    will check and report back

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