Schweizerische Trabant

Trabant item created by SR380, Oct 16, 2016

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    Schweizerische Trabant

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  2. mbeamish

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    Welcome! I had vague idea registering a two stroke car in Switzerland was difficult/expensive . Is this correct?
  3. phi

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    Since it's a 1968 model it has to meet the technical standards of that year. In 1968 it's quite easy.

    The exhaust gases are not a problem with first registration until September 1987. There are some other restrictions like dual brake system, laminated safety glass, seat belts and last but not least the noise level which has to be tested in expensive tests.

    Bonjour la Trabant Genevoise ;-)

    Si tu veux prendre part dans un evènement prochain, contacte nous ;-)
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    Well the reason why I bought a 1968 Trabant is that before 1970, there were "almost" no regulations. therefore I was quite easy to get it register. Funny fact is that one of the car plugs was not working. So I even pass the technical test on 1 cylinder.
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    C'est fait sur FB ;-)

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