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  1. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    2-3 NO. saloons....non restored, from memory and pretty sure it was a Hungarian 1.1 Kombi stashed in a large , dry barn, in amongst a friend/acquantance's collection of classics. He also has a couple of Wartburgs! He is potentially having to sell them off individually he said, but cannot entertain "tyre kickers".
    Viewing, ONLY BY ADVANCE ARRANGEMENT, with you having to contact me, so that I can give him your details, for him to be aware that you are interested and would like to view. He will then, allow me to pass on his contact details, potentially.
    He is only selling, as he has too many projects stashed aswell as all the above and is going to have to demolish the barn/s, in order to build his new house and gardens on the site, which has taken 3 years to get planning permission passed for!
    Well worth considering and/or asking for further details from him and then arranging some pics to be provided, descriptions/details and then a visit/collection date.
    From what I saw/recall of them, they are all worth grabbing at a decent price, as they are DRY and the only "rot box", was the 1.1 Kombi, which had major chasis rot in many places and the suspension was consequently towing inwards at the rear, particulally.
    He's situated, about 1/4 hr due south from Bath on the West Wilts Border'ish and is understandably careful with who/when he allows people to visit his property.....(I HAVE been one of the lucky ones, recently, when obtaining some historic inboard boat engines from him, ironically). Cheers everyone.
  2. Andrewwoey

    Andrewwoey Loyal Comrade

    Damm. Why do thinks come up for sale when finances are low. I would love a Wartburg, though Barkas would be a first choice.


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