1. Bill

    Bill Smoking Along

    Hi Folks,

    I decided to go ahead and sell my Trabbi… My wife got a new job half way across the country and I ran out of time to complete this project.

    It is a 1971 Trabant 601 sedan.

    The car is currently not running. It is about 90% complete though.

    It was formerly Justin Shepard’s car. When I got it I decided to restore it and I spared no expense. I hate to see it go but I have no time to get it finished before I have to go.

    The car was stripped down to a bare steel frame and duraplast panels. All the glass was removed from the car to paint it. I had all of the glass professionally reinstalled using all new rubber.

    I had a local artist who was originally trained as a body man do a little body work that was necessary and then paint the car. I wanted to get just the finish I wanted to replicate the original and he nailed it!

    I filled any of the interior steel voids that I could with a rust inhibiting product I got from the Eastwood Company.

    Most of the parts came from Trabant Welt, LDM tuning and Ebay.de.

    I sourced original hubcaps from a collector in the Netherlands.

    There has been so much done to this car I don’t know quite where to begin! I was planning on keeping this car so I did everything to the highest standard. Thousands have been invested in this project. I have saved many of the receipts so I can prove what has been done.

    The good:

    · The car is complete except for the two tiny trim tabs that belong on the roof trim.

    · New paint

    · New rubber everything including window seals, door seals, firewall plugs etc. etc.

    · ALL new brake parts including mater cylinder, brake lines, shoes, springs, cylinders etc.

    · New seat upholstery- Unfortunately the front seats have a uneven patter due to sun fading while having stuff sitting in the seat…

    · Newish tires

    · New wheel bearings

    · Rebuilt suspension- cleaned, painted new bushings, etc.

    · Wiring has all been reconnected

    · Really, everything is new, or reconditioned.

    · This car comes with TONS of parts. Everything needed to complete the project is there plus many, many spares. I can take photos of that too but I am still unearthing stuff as I pack.

    · The project is 90% complete

    The bad.

    · The project is only 90% complete

    · Lots of small details to deal with like installing the roof trim, trunk lock, regluing small section of headliner, centering the steering wheel adjusting the shift linkage etc. etc.

    · The engine ran but I have not had a chance to do the final things necessary to start it up like set the points, carb, connect all cables etc.

    · The car has sat outside for the last year and a half so you might need to buff the paint again and clean out leaves that blew into the engine compartment, etc.

    · The little bracket that holds the hood open has a broken mount.

    · Some of the things are only loosely assembled, like I haven’t properly bolted down the air cleaner yet since I hadn’t started working on getting the engine running, etc.

    The door panels were reused so they may need to have new backing material cut at some point.

    SO... Bottom line is it has to go, I am never going to get what I have invested back out of it. I am asking $2500, which would be a smoking deal for somebody that wants to finish it up and have one of the best Trabants in the U.S.
    I never titled it since I didn't get it running. BUT, It is an antique vehicle so I can sell it with a Bill of Sale with no problem.

    One last thing- If you are interested, talk to me FAST! I need to get moving on this but I wanted to give everybody on the Trabant board first chance.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

    I would be interested, but my wife would kill me. To bad you aren't closer to Idaho...I would be tempted to check it out.
  3. Bill

    Bill Smoking Along

    One thing I forgot to mention- I can fix you up with an auto shipper if anybody wants my Trabant. I have done a lot of business with them. He has always been way cheaper than anyplace else I have ever gotten a quote from. AND he is based locally.

  4. Bill

    Bill Smoking Along

    I understand... My wife is a major factor in why I am not moving my Trabant.
  5. Wartburg353W

    Wartburg353W Loyal Comrade

    Somebody was just introducing himself on here saying he couldn't find a Trabant here in the states but has wanted one for a long time . . . maybe look in the introduce yourself category.
  6. Bill

    Bill Smoking Along

    It looks like my Trabant has been spoken for now.
    Thanks to everyone for looking!
  7. trabant601

    trabant601 Loyal Comrade

    I notice that Bill in Chicago bought a Trabant from Germany. Sad you had to sell your Trabant Bill, congrats to the new owner.
  8. RogerDerSchrauber

    RogerDerSchrauber Premium Member Forum Donor

    There is a guy in MA who is looking for one. He is in the Introduce Yourself section. I'd love to have it, myself, but: no room!
  9. Bill

    Bill Smoking Along

    Thanks folks, the Trabant has sold and went to a good home. Hopefully I can get another one later. I would have loved to keep it, but Unfortunately, I had a lot of pushback from my wife regarding moving this one.
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  10. Justin R

    Justin R Puttering Along

    I seem to keep missing my opportunities! Grrrr. I will not give up! Glad it found a good home.

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