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    How available/price wise are these bikes today? I like the looks of it. Clean, not a lot of flash or plastic flairing like on rice rockets. Or heavy like Harleys or touring bikes.

    I suppose since it has 49ccs I wouldn't need a motorcycle licence to ride one on the road.

  2. Joe Mc

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    In the U.K £450 - £600

    Need to complete a 1 day course to ride if you passed a car test after 2001.

    I actually had one, was a nice little bike but even when upped to 60cc it wasn't very quick at all.
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    These 50cc bikes was very popular in the 70' - 80' here because you could ride them at the age of 16, though with a license (test if you can drive in a straight line). now plastic rockets (scooters) are more popular, but we still have some Yamaha fs1/kreidler florett/suzuki k50 here. :)
    in the late 80' early 90' they still tried to sell some (like my suzuki dm50 only sold in Denmark) They were only 2 gears because of the speed limit of 30 km/h. :)
    The 70' bikes are quite expensive now (getting close to what i paid for my trabi) but the later 2 gears only cost a third (and are getting more pricy by the day) so i keep mine, restore it to original condition, and keep it for veteran shows when it is old enough. :) It is a bit hard on the machinery with 36 km every day. :D
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    One reason I wanted one was because it falls under the "scooter" law . Anything under 50ccs that cannot exceed 30 mph (~45 KPH) you don't need a motorcycle licence to ride or anykind of other driver's licence for that matter. Nor does the bike need to be insured or registered. I do believe there is an age limit. 14 or 15 which I am well past.

    49cc scooters and mopeds have become quite popular with the drunk driving crowd over here who have lost their driver's licence. One day I pull into my favorite sushi resturant and noticed this big Ford pickup truck in the same spot where one of the waitresses normally parks instead of her scooter. I said to her, "You really stepped. Did you trade your scooter in on a truck?"

    She replied, "I sold it, the state gave me my driver's licence back". Apparantly it had been revoked for driving while intoxicated. She just drove the scooter back and fourth to work as a temporary means of transportation when her husband could not bring her to work. I bet that sucked because it rains half the time here.

    I've got a 49cc Tomos kid's dirt bike I modifed I want to make street legal. Just to ride a mile down the road to the petrol station when I need a pack of smokes or a Red Bull. Just for kicks.

    The fuel tank is currently rusted out and has a pinhole leak.. I already patched the bottom twice with fiberglass and may end up having to replace the tank if the third attempt does not fix it. Damn ethanol!

    It's uses the same parts from Tomos scooters. But lacks pedals and lights. So it is not street legal. I added a 55 watt driving lamp for a headlamp. But I kept blowing bulbs. I fixed that. There was no regulator!

    It has a 2 speed automatic transmission. It will climb about any hill but not very fast.

    A co-worker gave it to me. It didn't run when I got it. The fuel system was packed full of rust from the tank down to the carb. A good cleaning fixed that. Simple designed Delorto carb.

    I raised the handbars up about 6" to clear my knees using longer bolts and threaded water pipe.
    I installed new brake cables which are the same as a bicycle cables. I had a guy downtown who restores vintage bikes to make me a new longer throttle cable. I made the rear fender out of a piece of cardboard laid with fiberglass resin. So I have not used any actual Tomos parts, just off the shelf items. Tomos parts are expesnsive. A new gas tank costs about $80 but I plan on using a universal tank for about half.

    I finally got the headlamp working after I finally figured out how to wire up the voltage regulator which it lacked from the factory but still had a 70 watt magneto which may be part of the ignition system. Not shown is a rear fog lamp I am using for a rear light.

    Technically I *think* all I need to do to make it legal is add a rear view mirror and a helmet and I am good to go. Since I have no brake or turn signal lamps I would have to use hand signals.

    The turn signal lights would be easy to wire up. All I need is a 12V flasher module, three way rocker switch and four amber lights. I could source these parts from another bike. But I am not sure how to wire up a brake light because the bike uses hand operated brakes. No foot pedal. Surely I could come up with something. I have seen some universal operated brake light switches on Ebay which use a spring to disengage the switch. Maybe all I would need is to do is weld a bracket to the frame.

    And swap out my rear fog light for an actual motorcycle light.

    The bike runs good but it smokes like hell for a 50:1 mixture. Unlike my Trabbi which smokes only when it's cold, this bike smokes even after it's warmed up. Is that normal for Tomos A35 engines to do that? It may need new rings. I have not done a compression test on it. But seems to start "too easy" for a 2 stroke with worn rings.
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