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    The Simson Schwalbe (swallow) is to East Germany what the Vespa is to Italy. These nifty little 50cc scooters were built in their hundreds of thousands between the late 1950s and late 1980s. They remain extremely popular today and there is a large enthusiast community keeping them on the road. Schwalbes are extremely cheap in German and parts are easy to find.
    This is the early model.

    A bit of an arty scooter video

    The Schwalbe was also the basis of the 3 wheeled duo. It had a bigger engine of course.
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    They're not quite so cheap anymore as they used to be.
    A fully restored one is currently running around 1300 Euros at the moment in Germany.
    Still cheap (and better I think anyway) compared to a Vespa in the same condition.
    I've got one (a 1981, 3 speed model) that spent its life in Hungary, prior to my getting it.

    I'm in the process of making it perfect, with a new kickstart shaft, kickstart lever, gear lever, new shaft seals and a throttle cable.
    They're a really sturdy, well built machine and a great alternative to a Vespa or a Honda 50.

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