1. barrie

    barrie Puttering Along

    I was driving the vad all was well when I left my cottage. I drove 4mile's stop and open a gate when I pulled away lots of smoke that is odd he usually runs very cleen. I carried on my way as the week went on vad smoked moor and moor the car will not idle. First thing I checked was take out spark plug both black and oily the one close to the gear box was worse I changed both still not running right so I took the head's of and cleaned with carb cleaner thinking head gasket no that was fine while in thir I checked the exhaust port as well still no problem their. ok it has to be fuel mix so I have emptied the tank and filled it up with a 50/1 mix then drove 15mile on open roads trabi smoked the hole time got back home pulled up and let it idle it just stalled. the strange thing is it starts first time when cold but will not start when hot but it has always been like that

    the only idea I have is adjusting the carb all tho I do not know where to start or the rough welsh farm tracks has moved the timing don't get me rong I realy like the smoke makes me laugh and when I see push bike's on the road I do change down a gear and give her some revs thir is no loss of power and drive fine but I know he is not running right

    any iders
  2. Steve

    Steve Loyal Comrade

    It is running too rich for some reason. Take carb off and give it a good clean and inspection. Look at the float see if it has got a crack in it (take it off and shake it to see if petrol is inside, happened to mine) and check needle valve is working correctly. Check the jets and hopefully doing all that will cure it.
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  3. Andrew353w

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    If the fuel mixture's correct at 50:1, then it seems your car is running a little (or maybe very!) rich. I'd suggest examining the carburettor and as this problem has occurred spontaneously, as opposed to gradually, I suspect something may have become detached or moved in the carburettor somewhere. It's also possible the Air intake may have become blocked for some reason, thus causing the mixture to richen up.
  4. barrie

    barrie Puttering Along

    I have put a new needle valve in the carb so the carb is still set for the old so that sound's like it the broblem is thir any linkes you know on hear to set the carb on trabant?
  5. A Spooky Ghost

    A Spooky Ghost Loyal Comrade

    My 601 did something like this, the head gaskets were leaking. Made the plugs look greasy... Also the ignition pickup came loose on the crank. Smoked like a forest fire!

    Your car could very well have a float issue,or clog- sounds like it is dripping fuel into the intake- as if it cant stop. A good test is to blow into the fuel inlet, while having the carb upside down. Also fill the bowl up, and try it that way too(right side up this time...).

    When you shut the car off, a tiny piece of junk might have wiggled into the needle&seat. Now it can't close right. Other causes could be :

    The choke has become stuck closed a bit.- Air filter has clogged solid.- Would be a good time to make sure your engine seals are good. When running-put your hand over the carb intake (with elbow removed!). If it dies, you know it is sealed well enough to run. If it continues to run, you have a air leak somewhere.

    Take your time, and keep it simple. These are little more than large golf carts with doors. ;)
  6. barrie

    barrie Puttering Along

    well guys it bit odd I was all set to tune the carb so I get a friend in the car and that is when I saw fuel leaking from that blue cap under the fuel tap so I refitted it and car is back to normal this is the 3rd time that cap has come off and I have been stuck at the side of the road before with it so I always carry a spare is their any way of making them stay on I tried guerrilla glue once that was a bad move the fuel broke it down and the bit's got in to the carb ooop's I have even seen a metal on trabant welt
  7. Steve

    Steve Loyal Comrade

    Martin Heinz has what you want. Turned metal water trap which fits the threads much better. Google him as he has a Trabant mail order business.
  8. trondd

    trondd Loyal Comrade

    I don't see how that could cause your issues...

    But TrabantWelt also sells metal filter caps. I switched to one immediately.
  9. kev the builder

    kev the builder Loyal Comrade

    fit a metal one as the threads strip easily on the plastic ones especialy if theyve been fitted cross threaded in the past

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