1. turbofiat124

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    Yet another Soviet vehicle I had never heard of: the SMZ s3d

    Made strictly for disabled people, features hand controls, a familiar sounding 10 HP 2 stroke engine from a motorcycle.

  2. kev the builder

    kev the builder Loyal Comrade

    what a strange looking car, it looks like it was hit with an ugly stick,but its sort of cute in a weird way
  3. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    This guy below must be the Jeremy Clarkson of Russia the way he abuses cars. Couldn't understand a word he was saying but thought the video was quite comical.

    If you can believe it, a company in the United States had a similar looking car called the King Midget which was built up until 1970. It used a side shaft lawnmower engine and had high and low forward gears and a reverse gear. It was not built for the disabled. I'm not sure who the target buyers were, maybe frugal people?

    Years ago I went to the Fun Ford weekend (turned out not that fun after all) at Bristol Raceway and as I was approaching the entrance, there were about 30 of these cars in a gravel lot outside the entrance. Why they chose that weekend to have their rally I don't know since King Midget was not associated with Ford. So I had to stop and ask questions and have a look.

    So were hopped up with more modern 2 cylinder lawnmower engines that made more power than a Trabant!
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  4. kev the builder

    kev the builder Loyal Comrade

    They look like circus clown cars!maybe there perspective buyers was coco and his mates!

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