1. Lotsokids

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    A friend suggested that I look into the possibility of using a two-stroke snowmobile carburetor in my Trabant to possibly give it more power. Has anyone tried this? I started searching, but most 600cc snowmobiles have two carburetors (one for each cylinder). Would a normal carburetor work (with the proper CFM for 600cc)?
  2. turbofiat124

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    Keri has been fooling around with a Chineese Mikuni knockoff carb right. Personally I'd think you would need to open up the intake hole in the block from 28mm to at least 30mm and use a carb with a 30mm throttle before you would see any major difference.

    Once I finally got my electronic ignition working and cleaned out the idle circuit on my 28H1, and finally found a fuel filter that won't clog every 100 miles, mine is running sweet and getting 35 mpg so

    I want to put a complete 2 cylinder 61 hp air cooled 580cc Arctic cat snowmobile engine in mine. That's my future goal. Trouble is I don't live in the snowbelt so there are not any junk ones around here to choose from. Just water cooled jet ski engines. The only drawback I see so far is about all snowmobile engines I've seen on Ebay have the carbs mounted on the backside of the engine and I'm afraid this might conflict with the transverse leafspring.

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