1. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    With all these ideas for meets going around, I got the fever. I will do my best to make the one in Utah but if I am able to I won't be able to bring me car.
    I know Bill Morris said we should do one in our part of the country (I am hoping he was serious, if not he'd better be now). Anyway, I just talked to John Short also and he would potentially be on board also. I wanted to see who else?
    I found this place that looks awesome out in Oklahoma, very close to Bill, about 9 hours for me and 8 for John. It's called Little Sahara State Park and it's basically a mini-sahara desert.
    They have camping, some nice scenery and it's an off-road haven where they rent ATV's (if there is enough of us we could probably secure a group rate). Might be a fun little trek.
    I don't think 2013 would be feasible but maybe mid-late Spring 2014? It would take that long to grow the interest and get a larger group together.
    What do yall think?

  2. Bountyflyer

    Bountyflyer Premium Member Forum Donor

    I think participating in the Dallas show with our Trabis would generate more interest. I'm not sure if I can justify it to the "boss" to travel 9 hrs to see 3 other Trabies....Maybe it would be better if other makes would be velcome as well?

    What time of the year are you thinking about? I think it should be before May or after September...

    Does anyone will attend on the Dallas all eauropean show?
  3. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    I don't know if I will make Dallas this year and if we do a S.W. Treffen, it wouldn't be until sometime in 2014 :)

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