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    In talking about my Wartburgs today, somebody asked me a question I couldn't answer. Given that raw materials that had to be bought with hard currency were in short supply in the East Bloc countries, where did they get rubber for tires? Or was there some man-made material involved?
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    That is a good question, I am sure it was probably rubber, since it does come from a plant, but to what degree of refinement?
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    Well I've gotten a lot of good responses over on the German-language Wartburg forum. They used what real rubber they could afford, and synthetic rubber called "Buna" made in a factory that was set up by Nazi Germany as a branch of IG Farben in Schkopau, Thuringia. Because of the necessity to use real rubber from the international market, you had to get a permission form to buy new tires (also required for car batteries), and a set of four tires cost more than a month's salary. Even then they weren't always available unless you had something to barter. All used tires were required to be retreaded by law to save raw material, but many people felt they were of poor quality and often fell apart prematurely. I am paraphrasing from several different peoples' responses to my inquiry so I cannot be held liable for slight variations in accuracy. A couple of them even wrote in their replies that their memory was no longer clear on some of the details.
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    That's crazy!

    But I guess it's not any worse if I have to get permission to install a new septic tank system. Mine is 40 years old and I'm afraid if it fails I'm going to be forced to hook onto the sewer system so the town can pay off the millions it spent to build it.

    The reason I am so against hooking onto the sewer system is it would raise my money water bill by 2.5X , cost me at least $3000 just to tap onto the system. Then thousands more to pay someone to run a 800 foot line down to the road.

    I considered if this ever happened I would just rent me a back hoe, dig up the old septic tank and place about four 55 gallon plastic drums with holes poked in them in the ground and fill around them with large gravel. Then run my crap into the barrels. They say this system actually works. The fill lines are more/less to distribute the water run off over a large area.

    One of my co-workers ran his sewage into a trench when his septic tank failed. But he was in a neighborhood and his neighbors didn't like it and filled a complaint against him. He ignored the complaint and had to turn himself into the police. He was actually finger printed over running shit into a trench!

    Sort of off the subject but still concerning tires, but have you ever noticed that Chinese made tires have a different smell to them than tires made in other countries? Not just the ones stamped Ching Chang or something for wheel barrels and lawnmowers but even automotive tires. Wonder what kind of rubber they use?
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