1. Razibilla

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    Been a busy day fitting new lowering kit from Trabantwelt. started the front, managed to fit the leaf spring which was very very easy. Then fitted the new shocks, again easy. I then had the confidence to replace the drivers side outer wishbone, boy was it a lot of hassle taking the bolts off and then trying to get the long bolt back in and aligned so the bottom bolt goes in at the rear of the wishbone. managed to do it but I have a couple of questions,

    the new leaf spring is a lot thicker as it has I think 4 extra leafs, I only managed to get 1 nut on each of the 4 bolts where as before it had 2 nuts on each of the 4 bolts. is 1 nut sufficient or will I have to get longer bolts.

    once I fitted the outer wishbone, I tightened all the bolts including the bolt that connects the wishbone to the spindle, it feels tight especially the outer wishbone and im wondering whether there should be more play.

    going to finish the other side tomorrow.
    I didn't realise I had to order the sleeves for the wishbone, luckily the old ones were in good nick and I managed to get these out without damaging it.
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  2. RHFabrications

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    In my opinion I would find longer bolts for the spring, and at least a 10.9 tensile bolt if not a 12.9. Whenever I've lowered cars and used stiffer springs you tend to find you transfer stresses to new places and increase strain on existing components. If there's less 'give' in the spring it's going to transfer a much less progressive shock loading onto those bolts, even if it's still the same weight.

    I'd love to see pictures of it before and after.
  3. Razibilla

    Razibilla Puttering Along

    ok, will replace the bolts just to be on the safe side, thanks. will upload pictures of before and after once i complete this but there will be a delay as i didn't order the rear camber cups, i presumed they would be incorporated in the leaf springs. Will place an order but not happy at having to fork out on shipping which would of been free last time had i ordered.
  4. Razibilla

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  5. Razibilla

    Razibilla Puttering Along

    Well i completed the front end installation today, will replace the 4 bolts that hold the leaf spring in place as and when i get those. once i dropped the car back on its wheels, i noticed that the wheels were not parallel. i straightened the steering wheel, drivers side wheel nice and straight (pic 1) but the passengers side, you can see in picture 2 is pointing out. is this the matter of me adjusting the tie rod drop links on the steering shaft to rectify. also in picture 3 and 4, is there supposed to be a rubber part that goes between the wishbone and shaft, at the moment, the shaft goes into the green sleeve in the wishbone and that's it.

    overall i am really happy with the 120mm drop, still have a couple inches space underneath and hopefully should just miss the speed humps (if not will get the exhaust tucked up nearer to the floor plan). did toy with the idea of going 150mm but glad i didn't. Trabantwelt kit is real nice but disappointed that they do not provide hardware considering the cost. next on the list, order the rear camber cups.

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  6. Razibilla

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    well I fitted the rear spring and shocks today, I have to be honest and say I was disappointed. yesterday when the front came down, I noticed the drop but today, the rear appears to have settled into the same location as before on the old leaf spring. could it be that the old leaf springs lost their tension and become saggy. hoping that once I put on the camber kit, It will lower a further 5 to 10mm. have a look at the pictures of before and after and also the new setup installed, let me know if I messed up anywhere.



    also noticed the rear cross bar has a crack (its not the paint) so will have to get this welded.

    old leaf spring fell apart once taken out

    new rear leaf spring and shocks installed

    Noticed that the rear bar that goes across in the boot has a crack which will need welding

    used tow bar cleaned and satin black applied, will give it a good undercoat once fitted

    please let me know what you guys think reference the stance and if I did anything wrong in fitting the rear leaf spring, I was expecting it to sit slightly lower.
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  7. Ron

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    Good work Razi, I can only see a few of your pics though?
  8. RHFabrications

    RHFabrications Loyal Comrade

    I can't see the after pictures! 120mm sounds like quite a drop though!
  9. Razibilla

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    Pictures should show now hopefully.
  10. RHFabrications

    RHFabrications Loyal Comrade

    Looks great, it'd look good on some 7x13 superlites. Your bolts are in the post, by the way.
  11. Razibilla

    Razibilla Puttering Along

    Thank you for the bolts, really appreciated. I sent Trabantwelt pictures of the rear installation, would you believe they got back to me and said that I installed the rear leaf springs wrong. They told me to dismantle the rear again and then take off the two rubber parts including the holders that are located on each side of the middle leaf spring fixing points. Once these are taken off, I need to refit the rear leaf spring. I wish I had instructions, would of saved me so much time. On the plus side, received the rear camber parts. Will jump on this Monday when im off work again. Will also send you pictures and measurements as requested. Thanks again

    Superlights would be real nice but with the pcd and additional cost getting adaptors, it would be too expensive for me. Looking at maybe banding the current wheels to 7". We will see.
  12. Razibilla

    Razibilla Puttering Along

    i'm at work right now and really not should not be using the internet for personal use:) but you've got me thinking about 7x13 superlight, if i decided to go for these or other similar sized wheels, what sort of ET would i need considering that adaptors would also be required.

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